Discover the practical secrets behind the success of coaching champions. Deliver measurable results to your clients and confidently increase your fees.

There is a way off of the treadmill. We want to show it to you.

There are two kinds of Executive Coaches in the world. Both groups are doing their best, and are passionate about coaching and its power to change lives. However, one group is signing high-paying clients for longer periods and multiple engagements, and the other has a diary full of short-term engagements with low-paying clients.

The panic over where the next lead is coming from in order to pay the bills this month is what keeps you on that all-too familiar treadmill that all coaches know and dread.

But, what if there was a way to get off of the treadmill for good? Wouldn’t you want to know about it and use it to your advantage?

Sure, you’ve heard that there are solutions out there that can help you become a better coach. But what if there were practical, turn-key frameworks of structured solutions to some of the most common problems your clients face? Well, there are…

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A Comprehensive Collection of Coaching Tools In The Palm Of Your Hand

Coach Master Toolkit (or CMT for short) is a proven tool with the power to enhance your coaching business for the better. A transformative package of frameworks containing pre-prepared questions, materials and methodologies for a wide variety of scenarios, CMT enables you as a coach to attract and sustain new clients naturally, and build value and trust by making tangible differences.

Developed in 2013 by Andrew Neitlich, Director of the Center for Executive Coaching, CMT has allowed Andrew personally to go from one client to a thriving 7-figure coaching practice - and now, you can gain access to it, taking your coaching practice to a whole other level of success.

Are you excited yet?

We’d like to invite you to experience the power of CMT yourself, during an immersive masterclass that won’t cost you a dime.

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“Engage and Mobilize Employees: The Power of Coaching Toolkits” Masterclass with Andrew Neitlich at no cost

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Starting October 29th, Andrew Neitlich will be running LIVE in-depth masterclass sessions, plus giving you direct access to one of his most popular CMT frameworks, the “Engage and Mobilize Employees Tool”, absolutely free, so you can immediately begin implementing your learnings and improving your business after you attend.

Discover the real life impact Coach Master Toolkit has had on coaches just like you:

Have these stories sparked your curiosity about Coach Master Toolkit? Then secure your spot today for the FREE Masterclass and get complimentary access to a toolkit that will help solve a billion-dollar problem with your own clients.


In this transformative LIVE Masterclass, Andrew will share with you how to:

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Help your client get to the root of any points of contention for staff that may be affecting team morale, and teach them how to implement solutions.

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Pinpoint Negative

How to diplomatically make your clients aware of any of their own opinions and behaviors that might be negatively impacting the wider team.

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Reflect On

How to break down your clients’ problem(s) into smaller steps to identify the cause of the unwanted outcome.

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Envision the
Preferred Outcome

The right questions to ask to get your clients focused on how the future will look once their most pressing issues are resolved.

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Faster Results

How to use CMT frameworks to get to the heart of the matter, faster for yourself and your clients.

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Move to a deeper conversational level quickly by uncovering the hidden pieces and getting a better view of the bigger picture.

By the end of this FREE Masterclass, you will have a solid, results-driven process in place to identify, not just the problems your clients face, but their root causes, key influences and potential resolutions.

Help your clients envision the most desirable outcome and discover the simple methodology behind engaging your clients on more complex levels, helping them mobilize their teams in the most productive ways possible.


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Developer, Coach
Master Toolkit

About Andrew Neitlich

Andrew Neitlich has a Harvard MBA, a full coaching practice, and also runs the Center for Executive Coaching, one of the leading training organizations in the world for executive and business coaches. He has written a number of books about coaching and leadership, including The Way to Coach Executives, Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches, and Elegant Leadership: Simple Strategies, Remarkable Results.

“I was a consultant traveling and working too hard. I discovered that my clients found the most value in the one-on-one interactions to discuss their most difficult decisions and challenges in a safe setting, with someone they could trust and who had no agenda other than their success. They already knew what our expensive analyses would say! So I decided to isolate that part of the work and become an executive and leadership coach. It was a great decision and I soon noticed that my clients wanted efficient, effective solutions to their most pressing challenges – and yet also wanted the personalization and flexibility that are embedded in core coaching competencies. That’s what led to the creation of the toolkits.”

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