Details for Presenters

Looking for your webinar link?

This link is sent via email to you and you will receive two reminder emails the day before and the day of your webinar session. We can manually send you a link if you request it.


Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled session. This enables testing, practice and most important getting in sync with the host of the webinar so the audience will receive a great experience.
Below are webinar instructions for your WBECS
session to help things run smoothly:

1. Add to your presentation

A) The event is completely Pitch-Free. Having your logo on the first slide is fine, but beyond this it would be great if you could leave out any external calls to action. We agreed this was a good way of defining it for all. You can however mention a book or books that the audience can find in Amazon.

B) NOTE: We have created a special custom page for you. Please let us know if you want us to add other links or an image i.e. book cover to your custom page. These custom page links are also accessible via the presenters page here by clicking the “Read More” button beside each presenters image:

C) At the end of your presentation, please create a final slide with a link to your custom page and with the details of your full summit presentation (date, time, title of your presentation). During the Q&A section this slide will remain visible for the participants to see. We will also send people to your custom page to get more information about you.

2. Before Your Session – Ideally 24 hours prior

For the items we request below, you can reply to this email and send via attachment or a link from any file
sharing service. We will need all applicable items no later than 48 hours prior to your session, preferably sooner.

A) Please send us your presentation, preferably in PowerPoint format. We need this no later than 48 hours before your presentation starts. You can still make changes; we need the overview to prepare and set the tone for your session. Send to If you have arranged another format we have a note of it.

B) If you want any changes to your bio, please send an updated short intro/bio (up to 150 words) that you would like me share with the audience as I introduce you.

c) If you would like to run a poll for your session (Highly Recommended), can you please let me know the question you would like to pose? The response is like a list of bullet points and you can list up to 5 responses/answers to your question. You can also decide if participants can choose multiple answers or if they must only choose one answer.

D) If you are aware that there are specific questions that you audience frequently asks, please send those along as well so your host can pose these questions on behalf of the audience.

3. On the Day of Your Session

A) Please REBOOT your computer to clear out any unnecessary processes.

B) Please arrive 30 MINUTES before your session. This will be very much appreciated.

C) You simply need to have your SLIDES OPEN on your computer desktop; your slides will display from your computer. If you have arranged another format we have a note of it.

D) Again, the event is completely Pitch-Free. Having your logo on the first slide is fine and including a book or books that the audience can find in Amazon.

4. At the end of the presentation – Social Media

As part of the live webinar session we mention to participants they can go to our Facebook page to make comments about your session. It would be great to have you join in on Facebook and reply to any comments and questions here: As part of our “engage” activity we will also have interaction on LinkedIn.

5. About the Webinar System

A) We use the web-based system called GoToWebinar. Please find the link a short 3-page illustrated document,
GoToWebinar Panelist QuickRef Guide, with details on how it all works, here:

B) If you are unfamiliar with go to GoToWebinar, please see page 3 of the “Panelist Quick Reference Guide.” This shows the simple steps to show your application, i.e. PowerPoint.

C) If you would like to see a video on how to practice a webinar click here: