Aileen Gibb

- Founder at Inspired Future: Inspiring leaders to Dream Big, Live Fully and Lead Boldly
- Accredited Senior Coach, International Institute for Coaching and Mentoring (IIC&M)

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An inspirational coach and facilitator of leadership, team and organizational growth for the past 17 years, Aileen Gibb has travelled the world to inspire, stretch and stimulate the future, equipping leaders in diverse cultures to step beyond their known horizons and unleash new possibilities for success.
Aileen Gibb has a vision for the future where meaningful conversations, inspired by the power of pure coaching, connect you with your true capacity for success. It’s beyond what most people think of as coaching and it takes leadership to a new and inspiring edge.
Aileen partners with talented sound worker Gary Diggins ( to inspire creativity, mindfulness, self-awareness and learning in each participant. Together, Aileen and Gary, create a magical space from which new possibilities emerge. The learning experience on Inspired Future events is further enhanced by the integration of unparalleled tools developed by Ian Wallace, founder at and creator of The Archegyre: a fundamentally vital approach to identifying the underlying aspects of human behavior which drive success and which is predicted to be a key influence for leadership in the coming decade.
Aileen is the author of several articles and workbooks for coaches and leaders. In her most recent publication ‘VOICES: a coaching story to inspire your future’ she articulates profound ideas and important messages in a manner that is down-to-earth, approachable, and conversational. Her message taps into the recurring spirit of our times and appeals to readers of Eckart Tolle, Louise Hay, Miguel Ángel Ruiz, or James Redfield, VOICES is available at and in Canada at .
Aileen joined the International Association of Coaching in March 2008, becoming a Master Masteries Coach in 2011. She blogs regularly at


The team of the 2014 World Business and Executive Coach Summit gratefully thanks Aileen for her participation in the largest annual coaching event!

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