May Presummit Series:

Andrea Lages

-The Preeminent Multicultural Executive Coach
- Co-Founder and CEO of Lambent

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Andrea Lages is an executive coach, author, consultant, and widely experienced coaching trainer that has trained over six hundred people, from 35 countries. She specializes in coaching presidents, owners and board members of businesses.

She is co-founder of the International Coaching Community – (ICC) and an ICC Master Trainer, co-founder and CEO of Lambent, an International Training company based in São Paulo, Brazil. She is co-founder of Lambent UK, a London Training and Coaching company.


She and Joseph O'Connor are directors of Lambent, licensed through Paul Ekman International. They both also serve as trainers of Paul Ekman's work on emotions and deception.


She is the founder and director of ROI coaching, supplying coaching to financial institutions, and also founded and currently directs the Master Coach Academy, based in London that offers top level coaching to professionals around the world.

Living in London, she leads International Coaching Certification trainings and NLP certification courses and seminars on communication skills, systemic thinking, leadership and goal setting.


She has worked in many countries of Asia, Americas and Europe, including the UK and she speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently and trains and coaches in all three languages.


Andrea is co-author of 'Coaching with NLP - How to become a Master Coach' published in English by Thorsons and translated to date into eleven other languages. She is also co-author of How Coaching Works, which was published by AC Black in October 2007. This book was nominated for the Financial Times “Best Business Book 2007” Award.


Andrea was the first Brazilian Trainer to give International Certification Coaching trainings inside and outside of Brazil.

She has participated as a trainer and co-creator in a Post Graduation course in Executive Coaching for Derby University given to Company Presidents and CEOs.


She is the only Latin American Master Trainer in Coaching of the ICC.

The team of the 2014 World Business and Executive Coach Summit gratefully thanks Andrea for her participation in the largest annual coaching event!

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