Gary Henson

-One of the leading pioneers and visionaries in the world of Executive Coaching
- Senior Executive Coach

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Gary is a Master Trainer for new and existing business coaches all over the world. His company’s Coaching Methodology provides an effective formula for an individual to become highly successful as a business coach. His organization trains their students on how to get started as a business coach and equips their students with the right tools to become skilled in the field of business coaching.


Gary has an undying passion to make a difference for people by coaching leaders in the areas that will make the biggest difference. Business coaching is the avenue he chose to inspire others to fulfill their dreams.  Clients tell Gary, “not only have we transformed our organization, but I have a family that I have fallen back in love with and I feel like a different person.”


After a long entrepreneurial journey of owning businesses and a difficult, but successful ten year career in real estate, he realized there was something missing in his life.


Gary  met Jim Selman and he said the words “Business Coach” back in 1989 when no one recognized the term. But the words rang in my ear like no others ever had.  He was so inspired by this great industry and getting involved with an industry that really truly made a difference for people. This was a path he could be proud of.  He also realized that this work was a way that could also transform his own life and commit to staying on a path that would keep him fulfilled and honest. Integrity, commitment and accountability come at all new levels. But, mastering these distinctions made and makes all the difference.


After 20 years of providing business coaching to literally hundreds of organizations and every industry imaginable he can say without a doubt that he is an expert on human performance, sales, cultural design, customer service, strategic planning and leadership.  He cannot imagine that an issue he has never faced would show up. But the stories and the faces are different and the level of the challenge is always an exciting venture that he is thoroughly excited to commit to. Any leader who is to the point of throwing his or hands up and can say, “please help me I don’t know how to get beyond this point”, Gary is there. He loves removing those barriers and seeing new found freedom on people’s faces. It’s what he lives for.


Gary has facilitated over 5000 meetings and retreats and have spoken at over 200 events on topics such as: Business Coaching, High Impact Leadership, Building a Powerful Team, Holding Employees Accountable, Strategic Planning Made Easy, Excellence in Customer Service, Training a Successful Sales Team and many more.


His articles have been published in Fortune, Entrepreneur, The Sacramento Bee, Business Journals and Managing Success Magazine as well as many others.

The team of the 2014 World Business and Executive Coach Summit gratefully thanks Gary for his participation in the largest annual coaching event!

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