Ian Brodie

- Email Marketing Expert and Author of Amazon #1 Bestseller
- Voted One of the Top Global Thought Leaders in Marketing and Sales

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Ian Brodie specializes in helping coaches and consultants attract and win more clients. He's known for his expertise in online marketing and was recently voted one of the Top Global Thought Leaders in Marketing and Sales by Top Sales World Magazine.


Ian Brodie has been helping some of the world’s leading organizations with their marketing and sales challenges for over 17 years. More importantly, he has “walked the talk” and sold multimillion dollar consulting engagements across multiple countries and cultures.


But in truth, he’s far from a natural salesperson – in fact it was something of a nasty surprise when he realized early on in his career that in order to progress and do the kind of work he was interested in, he would need to sell.


But through study, experience, and having some of the best “rainmakers” in the field as his mentors, he has learned what it takes for even the most reluctant of professionals to become highly effective at marketing and sales – and that’s what he teaches his clients.


Ian's current focus lies in working with small firms and solo professionals. Since leaving the corporate world many years ago he has been astounded at the depth of talent and passion for clients in the small and solo businesses he has met. He has also seen how many of these businesses are struggling or failing to live up to their potential simply because they haven’t “cracked” marketing and selling.


He has made it his mission to help sole practitioners and small firms escape from being the “best kept secret” in their field and to get the clients, recognition and rewards they deserve. On a personal note, Ian is married to the wonderful Kathy, and they have two children – Chris & Robs.



Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie



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