Jeremy Ridge

- Chairman of the APECS Board of Directors
- Managing Director at The Innova Partnership

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Jeremy specializes in senior management coaching, both with individuals, and leadership teams; and in designing and facilitating senior management and organization-wide change programs.


He has a wide range of international experience as a practitioner / consultant in both the private and public sector, across a range of multinational, entrepreneurial and creative businesses, and major professional services businesses.


His background began with a professional interest in Economics; which was extended to a multidisciplinary approach through his additional interest in Psychology. His main interest is in the use of Development Centre methodologies, which include strong emphasis on Team and Individual Coaching. Understanding of the context (e.g. of Business and Organizational Knowledge) is also an important feature in this work.


Jeremy is a Chartered Psychologist. His research interests in Psychology have been based on the impact and measurement of 'helper' behavior in a 'helping 'process.


Jeremy is Chairman of the APECS Board of Directors which has helped to establish the importance of Practitioner experience as an important and valid basis of knowledge and skill that helps to form the professional basis for Executive Coaching.

The team of the 2014 World Business and Executive Coach Summit gratefully thanks Jeremy for his participation in the largest annual coaching event!

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