June Summit Session:

Richard Barrett

-Author and Global Thought Leader on Leadership, Values, Culture and The Evolution of Human Consciousness
- Founder and Chairman, Barrett Values Centre

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Richard Barrett is an author, speaker and internationally recognized thought leader on the evolution of human values in business and society. He is the founder and chairman of the Barrett Values Centre. He is also a Fellow of the World Business Academy, Member of the Wisdom Council of the Centre for Integral Wisdom, Honorary Board Member of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, and Former Values Coordinator at the World Bank.


He is the creator of the internationally recognized Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) which have been used to support more than 6,000 organizations in 60 countries on their transformational journeys. To date, more than 5,000 change agents, consultants and coaches have been trained by the Barrett Values Centre to use the Cultural Transformation Tools in over 50 countries.


Over the past ten years, Richard Barrett has been called upon to support the leaders of major national and multinational organizations in Australia, South Africa, Canada, UK, USA and Sweden. The focus of this work has been on helping the leaders of these organizations to improve their performance by building values-driven cultures.


Richard has been a visiting lecturer at the Consulting and Coaching for Change, leadership course run by the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford and HEC in Paris. He has also been an Adjunct Professor at Royal Roads University, Institute for Values-based Leadership, and a visiting lecturer at the One Planet MBA at Exeter University.


Richard Barrett is the author of Evolutionary Coaching: A Values-based Approach to Unleashing Human Potential (2014), The Values-Driven Organisation: Unleashing Human Potential for Performance and Profit (2013), What My Soul Told Me: A Practical Guide to Soul Activation (2012), Love, Fear and the Destiny of Nations: The Impact of the Evolution of Human Consciousness on World Affairs (2011), The New Leadership Paradigm (2010), Building a Values-Driven Organization: A Whole System Approach to Cultural Transformation (2006), Liberating the Corporate Soul: Building a Visionary Organization (1998), A Guide to Liberating Your Soul (1995), and he is a contributing author to Psychometrics in Coaching (2012).


Richard Barrett's Websites
Website: www.valuescentre.com
Website: www.richardbarrett.net
Follow my Blogs:
For the sake of clarity, I have decided to have separate blogs for the
different topic areas that I am interested in, and write about:



A Voice for Values http://richardbarrettblog.net/
Conscious Evolution http://personalevolutiondotcom.wordpress.com/
Evolutionary Coaching http://evolutionarycoachingblog.wordpress.com/
New Leadership Paradigm http://newleadershipparadigmblog.wordpress.com/


A Voice for Values
The objective of A Voice for Values blog is to present information,
materials and resources to help individuals, managers and leaders build
values-driven organisations, communities and nations. This blog draws
heavily on my books The Values-driven Organisation: Unleashing human
potential for performance and profit, and Love, Fear and the Destiny of
Nations: The impact of the evolution of human consciousness on world


Conscious Evolution
The objective of the Conscious Evolution blog is to present, information,
materials and resources to support individuals in the evolution of their
personal consciousness. This blog draws heavily on my book What My Soul Told
Me: A practical guide to soul activation.


Evolutionary Coaching
The objective of the Evolutionary Coaching blog is to present information,
materials and resources to help coaches, and anyone involved in adult
development, to support their clients in achieving their full human
potential. This blog draws heavily on my book Evolutionary Coaching: A
values-based approach to unleashing human potential.


The New Leadership Paradigm
The objective of The New Leadership Paradigm blog is to present information,
materials and resources to support individuals in their leadership journey.
The journey begins with learning to lead yourself. Only when you have
learned to lead yourself, can you effectively lead a team; and only when you
have learned to lead a team, can you effectively lead an organisation. This
blog draws heavily on my book The New Leadership Paradigm and the associated
learning modules.


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The team of the 2014 World Business and Executive Coach Summit gratefully thanks Richard for his participation in the largest annual coaching event!

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