Dorothy Siminovitch


The Path Toward Coaching Mastery: The Coach as Awareness Agent in Service of Client Development and Change

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Dorothy Siminovitch - Preeminent International Gestalt Coach, Coach Trainer, and Keynote Speaker
Wednesday, May 28th
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The capacity of the Gestalt coach to be aware of, to understand, and to appreciate clients’ processes is core to Gestalt coaching. Gestalt theory and practice positions awareness as the pivotal transformative agency that ignites change. Gestalt practitioners practice to become “awareness agents," which means using self-data (sensory input) and the present moment (“presence”) in conjunction with external (environmental) data at and/or across different system boundaries (interpersonal, group, organizational, or beyond). Mindful use of self is a signature strength of the awareness agent. This session will provide an overview of the coaching gifts of using one's presence and use of self as an awareness agent to create and implement interventions that assist clients to identify the unaware processes that impact their personal or shared goals, which in turn mobilizes clients’ energy to meet personal and professional challenges.


Specifically You Will Learn:

  •     Introduction to the Cycle of Experience: A core Gestalt theoretical construct
  •     Introduction to ways of connecting with one's awareness as a change agent
  •     Introduction to Levels of System: Connections with visible and invisible ways of using one's awareness
  •     Introduction to practices that support the coaching path to mastery
  •     Advanced coach
  •     Coach skills
  •      Specialty areas: Gestalt and holistic approaches, high performance organizational group and team facilitation, organizational leadership coaching

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Beginning of Your Coaching Career
Some Experience as Coach
Years of Success as Coach


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Coaching Skills
Continuous personal and professional development
Business Growth
Startup and marketing YOUR coaching business
Specialty Area
Leadership, Team, Small Business, Internal, Gestalt, Neuroscience,
Global, Mindfulness, and more

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