Dorothy Siminovitch


Presence and Use of Self in Coaching for Leadership

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Dorothy Siminovitch - Preeminent International Gestalt Coach, Coach Trainer, and Keynote Speaker
Friday, June 27th
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Gestalt coaches work as “awareness agents.” More than any skillful implementation of a particular tool or technique, the key factors of any successful coaching engagement or change effort are the quality and relevance of the coach’s presence and the coach’s effective use of self as a coaching instrument. “Presence” can be understood by what gets evoked in clients which impacts the coach’s resonance with clients, impacts clients’ trust in the coach, and impacts the potential for change and the emergence of new possibilities. “Use of self” as a coaching instrument refers to the coach’s aware and choiceful acts taken to provoke clients’ action or self-identification and engagement with what is missing or needed. Gestalt coaches’ self-work is fundamental to their coaching work: Ongoing learning about the effect of one’s presence and how to best leverage one’s use of self is central to creating effective interventions and to using one’s relevant influence with clients to empower them. Gestalt coaches learn how to co-create a "safe enough,” transparent, and accountable environment that allows both coach and client to fearlessly explore new possibilities and new behavioral constructs.
This 90 minute session is designed to guide and give feedback to coaches about how to identify their “presence” and how to develop their “use of self,” key elements of coaching, leadership, and team and group facilitation. In this session, participants gain knowledge about how to identify and embrace their gifts of a unique "centered" presence, how to recognize through feedback when and where their presence or use of self did or did not make a difference, and how to harness the catalytic power of presence and use of self.

Join us to:

  • Understand and heighten awareness of your distinctive  presence
  • Learn the  impact you have on others, and whether this satisfies you and your clients
  • Learn a working model to understand how to “cross” the different system level boundaries you need to influence
  • Receive doable strategies to embody and integrate your strengths
  • Learn developmental activities to help reach your desired potential
  •  Advanced coach
  • Coach skills
  • Specialty areas: Gestalt and holistic approaches, high performance organizational group and team facilitation, organizational leadership coaching

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Beginning of Your Coaching Career
Some Experience as Coach
Years of Success as Coach


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Coaching Skills
Continuous personal and professional development
Business Growth
Startup and marketing YOUR coaching business
Specialty Area
Leadership, Team, Small Business, Internal, Gestalt, Neuroscience,
Global, Mindfulness, and more

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