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Live monthly meet-ups providing fresh perspectives on coaching that will keep you sharp, relevant, and on top of emerging trends.

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Monthly perspectives on
challenges from the coaching world

The year 2020 is a perfect example of how quickly the world can change. The challenge to stay current in an ever-evolving landscape is very real for the coaching community.

Clients can feel the difference when you’re on the leading edge. So, how do you get there, and, more importantly, stay there?

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Former Head of Coaching, Google, Chief Catalyst &
Transformational Officer, 7 Paths Forward
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Coaching Industry Pioneer
Executive Director, 7 Paths Forward

ACE Live gives you month-to-month access to guest interviews, curated content and insights into what’s happening in coaching right now. Join your peers, along with the coaching industry’s most innovative and influential minds to explore emerging trends and topics in detail - so you can be ready for what lies ahead.


Reveal your path to
the power inside

Join the conversation. Not just with your peers, but with some of the coaching industry’s most innovative and influential minds as well.

ACE Live’s Monthly Live Sessions make it possible for you to hear directly from those succeeding in the field. With a new Guest Speaker and topic every month, you’ll keep informed of the very latest shifts within the coaching world.

Here’s what’s coming up
for ACE Live members:

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Whitney Johnson
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Jeremy Hunter

Access to ACE
Live’s Open Library

means members never have to miss a thing - catch up withprevious sessions whenever you wish

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Damian Goldwag, PhD
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Nicole Lee

Topics for discussion will include:

Crisis and Change Management Coaching through Disruption Stress Management Latest Coaching Trends Psychology Leadership

Every month you can join David Peterson (Director of Coaching at Google) and David Goldsmith (coaching industry pioneer) as they break down complex topics with crisis experts, disruption specialists, diversity professionals, leadership gurus and marketing masterminds.

Get support in building and growing your coaching practice. Join the forum to discover and discuss more about the latest topics arising in the coaching world. ACE Live is your real-time link to the latest thought leadership. Join today to keep your finger on the pulse of transformation as it happens.

What are coaches saying
about ACE Live?

“This entire call is worth the price of admission! I’m SO happy to be hearing all of this!”

Brigitta Theleman

“Thank you David and David!! This is really enlightening. I take a lot for the consequences (levels) of our decisions and from prioritisation! Some of my clients will also benefit from all this wisdom.”

Isabela Quinton

“This is my best 90 minutes of my month!!!”

Anthony Billoni

“This has been such a timely and insightful discussion. Thank you David & David! I’m walking away with so much food for thought.”

Ashley Gartshore

Here’s what your ACE Live
membership will give you:

Monthly Live Sessions:

Fresh perspectives on relevant coaching topics each month

Guest Interviews:

Breaking down complex topics with crisis experts, disruption specialists, diversity professionals, leadership gurus and marketing masterminds

Live Q&A:

Ask the experts to get real time responses and feedback

Curated resources

Videos, articles, podcasts, and coaching demos supporting the monthly topic - all curated by David Peterson and David Goldsmith

Open Library:

Full archive access - watch and review all the past topics and resources

Exclusive Community:

Connect like-minded peers inside a private group

2 Months Free:

The annual subscription plan gives you 12 months for the price of 10 - giving you 2 months’ membership free!

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All Pricing Plans include:

• Open Library
A comprehensive archive of all session recordings
• Monthly Sessions
A regular presentation highlighting the month’s most relevant topic
• Guest Interviews
Join David & David as they break down complex topics with leading experts
• Q&A
Put your questions to coaching experts and get real-time responses and feedback
• Curated Resources
Videos, articles and research specifically selected to support the monthly topic
• Exclusive Community
Network with your fellow ACE Live members, exchange ideas and share your experiences
• No Contract, Cancel Anytime
Cancel your membership at any time - 30-day money-back guarantee.
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