David Peterson, David Goldsmith, and WBECS Group Present: 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Coaching Impact
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Want to get better clients?
First, become a better coach.

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Do you want more
coaching impact NOW?

You want to find the right clients. The kind of clients whose challenges are matched to what makes you unique as a coach. The kind of clients whose success with you will turn into quality referrals.

The right clients pay you what you’re worth and do so gladly. They recognize the difference you bring to their careers. These clients look forward to each session with you and eagerly take your advice.

You want these “right” clients but how do you find them? You want to earn the money you deserve while making the impact you’re capable of - but how do you get there NOW?

You thought you’d be further along in your practice by now.
You’re ready to take your coaching practice to the next level, but
how do you actually make that happen?

To create a fulfilling coaching
practice you DREAM of, you need to:

  • Get the clients that are right for you based on who you are and how you coach

  • Consistently create results for difficult clients with high-level challenges

  • Get new skills and recognize where your opportunities are so you can become the type of coach you want to be

  • Create a strong referral system (this happens naturally when you create better results for better clients)

  • Work fewer hours while earning more by finding the right clients for you

  • Step into your confidence and charge what you’re worth

Coaches share how working with David Peterson and David Goldsmith transformed their careers:

‘’This session has made me redefine coaching. This new approach creates a much more cohesive partnership with clients, where they feel more engaged and can implement the tools I give them on their own. They're less reliant on me as the coach, and I think that is very empowering.”

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“I now start my sessions much faster. I used to ask clients for a lot of context that I didn’t really need. I am asking shorter, more concise questions than before.

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“I have a more direct approach. I use silence more. I have been bold a few times and wondered in retrospect if I pissed off a client but I don't think I did. The outcome was right. I use Action * Reflection in the coaching session so more practice gets done in the here and now rather than sending them to do it as homework. I finished a coaching contract in 3 sessions and saw it as a success rather than a failure”

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“I would absolutely recommend this training to my colleagues, I think this is very interactive and practical. It integrates opportunities for practice and reflection and you get to learn from the greatest experts in the field.”

Accelerating Coach Excellence - squeeze-2021 julia Julia R.

You have the right coaching skills - but are you using them effectively?

Many coaches worry about following the “rules of coaching”. They confine themselves to certain “frameworks”, striving to be an “ordinary coach”.

But ordinary coaches deliver ordinary results. That’s not good enough.

It’s time to approach coaching differently.

Time to add new skills and expand your capacity to have a greater impact. Time to break free from limiting beliefs.

Whether you’ve been coaching for 12 months or 12 years, a change in perspective can vastly accelerate your coaching practice.

When you apply the correct coaching approaches in the right way, you can deliver more impact in less time - even for the most challenging clients. Better coaching means better results, which means more referrals.

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Coach the Right Clients So You Can Earn More While Working Less

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David B. Peterson PhD

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David M. Goldsmith

No more discomfort about charging what you’re worth. No more questioning your impact as a coach - but only if you break free from your comfort zone and make yourself stand out from the pack. This is a new approach to coaching.

Wouldn't it be amazing if someone who already overcame the obstacles you currently face could show you how they did it - someone who had a hand in creating this new approach, and is thriving as a coach right now?

That’s EXACTLY why David Peterson and David Goldsmith created this free masterclass. With their unique ACE Coach approach, you can build your business, differentiate yourself from other coaches, increase your impact AND get where you want to be NOW rather than later.

Join and learn live to discover how you can become a more masterful coach, helping your clients achieve impactful results right away.

“Want to get better clients? First, become a better coach.”

- David Peterson and David Goldsmith

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“5 Ways to Accelerate Your Coaching Impact” Masterclass

What are the specifics?

Get key concepts you can use in your coaching practice
today, such as how to:

Engage Faster:
Give your clients real value in the first 15-20 minutes

Make Clients Want More:
Address resistance, low motivation, and defensiveness

Make A Quicker Impact:
Uncover client insights faster than you thought possible

Give Advice:
Yes, you CAN give advice...you’ll learn when and how

Make More Money:
Attract higher-paying clients with high-level challenges

Build strong relationships quickly

Accelerate your path to building your coaching practice with more higher-paying clients

Create greater value per minute - learn how to start fast and get to the “real stuff” quickly, because time is valuable to both you and your clients

Use speed to build trust and rapport

Ensure clients consistently follow-through on action steps

Stop having clients bring up the same issue session after session

Leverage the insight gleaned in coaching sessions for immediate action and real change


David and David helped these coaches
live more balanced, fulfilling lives
while increasing their impact.

‘’This session has really helped me to refocus my attention when working on and in my coaching business. I am getting results faster in client sessions by zooming into the key issues faster, making client work harder, going down less into ‘emotional’ rabbit holes while prepped for sessions with bigger toolkit - providing greater confidence. This session helped me to identify the other growth opportunities I want to create in my life’’.

Carol Y.

‘’I incorporated the process into my coaching approach and on a personal level, feel much better equipped to take on any coaching assignment, even outside my usual customer base of corporates.’’

Accelerating Coach Excellence - squeeze-2021 skellern Peter S.

‘’My coaching improved so much because of what David and David focused on in the session. I've also been getting a lot of great feedback from clients and other people who've observed my coaching, saying that it's getting better, which is great to hear! ‘’

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Special BONUS:

ACE Coach Note-Taking Tool

Now you can do both - stay present in the coaching conversation AND take effective notes. Get the exact note-taking template David and David use with their high-level clients. PLUS insider tips on how to ensure note-taking doesn’t get in the way of building rapport with your clients.



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About David & David

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David M. Goldsmith

Coaching Industry Pioneer
Executive Director, 7 Paths Forward LLC

David is responsible for building an organization that supports the development of great coaches worldwide. This includes workshops, community development, and helping organizations source great coaches.

A pioneer in the coaching industry, David was Chief Operating Officer of CoachInc.com and past President of CoachU. He has staged many innovative conferences on coaching and was the first to showcase coaching research almost 20 years ago.

He co-founded the Foundation for Coaching which has now become the Institute of Coaching at Harvard. The Institute continues to support research into coaching worldwide.

David is an active coach working with senior leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs around the globe. He has also coached many of the leaders in the coaching profession helping to grow the impact of coaching worldwide.

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David B. Peterson PhD

Voted #1 Corporate Coach by Marshall Goldsmith
Chief Catalyst & Transformational Officer, 7 Paths Forward LLC

For 10 years, David acted as Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership at Google. He coached Google’s senior leaders, managed a network of external and internal coaches, and supported leadership, learning, and executive development initiatives for the multi-billion-dollar corporation.

Beside recently being voted "World's #1 Corporate Coach" by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, David is winner of several prestigious awards, earning his PhD in Counseling and Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Minnesota. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Society of Consulting Psychology, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), and the Harvard Institute of Coaching.

David describes himself as on a mission to make learning faster, better, and more rewarding for people and organizations. He is passionate about excellent coaches who think about how they help leaders solve their toughest, most complicated and new different problems.