Accelerating Coach Excellence (ACE) presents: Journey to Mastery

Join Google’s David Peterson and coaching industry pioneer David
Goldsmith and become an ACE Certified Coach


You’ve reached a point in your career where you’ve hit your stride. It’s familiar. You’ve gotten into a rhythm that works. For the longest time, it felt like you were moving uphill. Finally, you’re on level ground. You want to maintain that balance.

Deep down, you know you could take it up a notch. Now that you have regular clients and a steady income, you’re concerned about “upsetting the apple cart”.

What if there was a way you could uplevel your coaching game with minimal disruption to ‘business as usual”? Can you break your own boundaries to access your next level of success?

“There’s no comfort in your
learning zone; and no learning in your
comfort zone.” - David Peterson

Journey to Mastery
Becoming an ACE Certified Coach

Journey to Mastery is a course for established coaches who know they can accomplish more. Together with David Peterson and David Goldsmith you will join a group of experienced coaches to ignite a new momentum. Becoming the best coach you can be.

You have been coaching for some time now. You have clients and possibly many certifications in coaching. This course is designed specifically for you. Discover how to take all of your experience and skill sets and master them.

Journey to Mastery is designed to help you mindfully transcend your comfort zone. This course empowers you to “shake up” your coaching techniques in a safe space. Try out techniques alongside your peers. Learn from the industry’s foremost experts. Develop your personal coaching model by tailoring your toolkit to work uniquely for you.

ACE: Journey to Mastery is catalytic coaching; activated coaching. ‘Go deep’ into the details. Expand your capabilities, surpassing anything you ever dreamed for yourself. You’ll be more authentic. More intuitive. You’ll become comfortable challenging your own ideas. Most importantly, you’ll be an ACE Certified Coach.

As an ACE Certified Coach you will not only be able to help your clients more. You will be able to help ANY client in ANY situation. Master the skills, knowledge and confidence in your coaching to bring out the best solutions regardless of conditions.


Here's what people are saying about Journey to Mastery Certification

“This training helped me think about where we are from an industry perspective and how we can be more versatile and adapt. You’ll learn from the very best coaches in our field and build strong connections with other successful coaches.”

Nathalie Salles, Coach Program Director, Facebook

“This program gave me a fundamental rethink on how I do things and challenged some of my hard-won beliefs about the way I work and what success really looks like. It will blow your mind.”

Tracy Cooper

“I learned how to approach coaching in a significantly different way. In particular, how to increase the speed of moving clients from insight to action.”

Gillian Khoo

“The training was invaluable, even for this group of seasoned coaches. We all found powerful new ways to coach faster, go deeper, and have greater impact.”

Paul Edelman

“Absolutely worth attending. It’s confronting and provocative and gets you to rethink what you are doing in your coaching.”

Marcia Ruben

“I’ve loved working with David and David - they have the best coaching course I've ever taken and I've learned and grown so much as a coach in the short time. The opportunity to dive deeper into David and David's coaching methodology is a no-brainer for me. I've also known David Goldsmith for over 20 years and will take every opportunity I get to learn from him. ACE Certification is an opportunity to show up as a more powerful and impactful coach for my clients and make a huge difference for them.”

Jake Fishbein

Apply what you know in ways
that significantly impact the client

With 30 hours of LIVE sessions led by 2 of the world’s greatest coaches, this course will show you how to tap into the grey matter between the lines to help your clients to have those life-changing epiphanies out of which great change is born. Each of the 7 modules consists out of LIVE content session, including:

Accelerating Coach Excellence - pages sales-l2 tool 1


Accelerating Coach Excellence - pages sales-l2 tool 2


Accelerating Coach Excellence - pages sales-l2 tool 3

Facilitated Mastermind Groups

You will get exclusive access to the membership area where you’ll receive tools, recordings, slides and transcripts of all LIVE sessions, and community access to engage with other coaches in the course.


Tangible techniques you can apply to specific coaching situations.


Re-watch the sessions whenever you like, as many times as you need.


Accessing the presentation slides directly.


Negate the need to take notes during sessions.


Written version of your module session.


Engage with your fellow coaches from the course.

Gain the confidence to walk into any coaching situation. Know beyond a doubt that you are adding value. Effectively tackle any challenge that comes your way.

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What You’ll Get
With Each Module

Accelerating Coach Excellence - modules lvl 2 module-0
  • Discover what you can expect from this course and how to get the greatest value
  • Learn the course logistics and make sure you’re ready to go when Module 1 begins
  • Walk through of the Membership Area so you know exactly where and how to find course materials
Accelerating Coach Excellence - modules lvl 2 module-1
  • Self-assessment
  • Living on your learning edge
  • Mastery mindset: Cultivating a growth mindset for you and for clients
  • Building and refining your personal coaching model and brand
  • Mental models: Why they are essential to mastery and expertise
  • First principles thinking: Challenging the conventional wisdom and your own assumptions
  • Learning to learn: Advanced techniques for learning agility
Accelerating Coach Excellence - modules lvl 2 module-2
  • This is “Go deep” for you: Knowing your true self at a deeper level
  • Cultivating mindfulness and focus:
  • Ikigai - A framework for discovering your calling
  • What is your calling? Finding deeper meaning and purpose
  • Exploring and integrating personal identity
  • Beginner’s mind - Cultivating the ability to being able to see things fresh
Accelerating Coach Excellence - modules lvl 2 module-3
  • Holistic, systemic coaching: Seeing the bigger picture
  • The art and architecture of the coaching engagement: Strategic design principles
  • Building and leveraging trust
  • Cultivating emotional resonance
  • Diversity and inclusion: Working with diverse individuals and audiences
  • The science and art of advice
  • Toggling as a meta-skill
  • Secrets of sustainable change
Accelerating Coach Excellence - modules lvl 2 module-4
  • Uncovering, exploring, and leveraging emotions
  • Emotional barriers (and accelerators) to change
  • Accelerating and sustaining motivation: Addressing ambivalence, conflicting motivations, and distractions
  • Science and art of goal-setting: Tackling conflicting and incongruent goals
  • Working with “difficult” personalities: Defensive, narcissistic, etc.
  • Helping clients build equanimity
  • Coaching with love and compassion
Accelerating Coach Excellence - modules lvl 2 module-5
  • Science and art of decision making in VUCA
  • Managing attention and focus: The true story of multitasking
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Advancing cognitive complexity and levels of adult development
  • The neurological see-saw: Logic vs. emotions in decision making
  • Intuition and wisdom
Accelerating Coach Excellence - modules lvl 2 module-6
  • What is transformational development, really?
  • DNA of VUCA
  • Triangulation
  • Diversity and inclusion: Individuals, teams, systems
  • Higher levels of thinking, being, and perceiving
  • Helping clients take their performance to the next level
Accelerating Coach Excellence - modules lvl 2 module-7
  • Crafting your journey: The next stage
  • Reinventing / disrupting yourself
  • Staying ahead of your clients
  • Playing the long game
  • Taking your performance to the next level
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Coaching Excellence Panel Discussion

Be one of the first to apply and receive exclusive access to this all-star coaching panel discussion. Watch the Coach Program Directors from Microsoft, PwC, Salesforce, Medtronic to learn what they look for in coaches they hire.

Accelerating Coach Excellence - pages sales-l2 cert

ACE Certified Coach Directory

As an ACE Certified Coach you will be listed on this publicly promoted online directory. When corporations do searches to bring in qualified coaches for large scale projects, this directory will provide them access to you as a highly qualified graduate trained by David and David.

You’ll also receive a digital badge you can use on your own website and in your email signature with an embedded link explaining the significance of this Certification to prospective clients.

Journey to Mastery Selection Process

Journey to Mastery coaches must apply to be accepted into the course. Each candidate will go through the following steps to be accepted:

Make a fully refundable $197 deposit

Schedule an interview with the ACE Admissions Committee

Complete a short 5 minute application

This ACE Certification course is for established coaches who have had a minimum of 30 coaching engagements. A limited number of coaches who apply will be selected.

“The real challenges in organizations are not in the parts, or the people, but in the connections. “ - Peter Hawkins
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Accelerating Coach Excellence: Journey to Mastery

  • Number of live sessions
  • Number of hours of live content
  • Number of modules
  • Number of EMCC CPDs
  • Number of ICF CCEUs
  • Number of tools included in course
  • Number of Practicums
    (Practicums are Peer Practice Triads - Practice and experiment in a safe, supportive environment)
  • Number of Mastermind Group sessions
    (Facilitated small group sessions offering structured dialogue, personal action planning, peer support, and accountability.)
  • Accelerating Coach Excellence Community
  • BONUS: First 100 applicants to book their interview get access to a “Coaching Excellence Panel” with the Coach Program Directors from Microsoft, PwC, Salesforce, Medtronic to learn what they look for in coaches they hire.
  • BONUS: Access to “How Great Coaches Build Their Practice” and watch as David and David interview their most successful coaches on how they attract and retain executive coaching clients.
  • BONUS: Complimentary 6 month membership to the Accelerate LIVE - continue your education and maintain access to valuable content, thought leadership and endless networking possibilities within Accelerating Coach Excellence community. ($300 Value)
  • ACE Certification
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Have questions regarding
Journey to Mastery

If you have any trouble registering, email and we will personally register you.

30 - Day Money Back Guarantee

e’re confident Journey to Mastery Certification will transform the way you coach. That’s why you have a 30-day money back guarantee from the start date of your course, July 15th, 2020. If you are not receiving compelling value from this course, we will happily refund your payment.

About David & David

Accelerating Coach Excellence - coming-soon David-G-Circle

David M. Goldsmith

Coaching Industry Pioneer & Executive Director,
7 Paths Forward LLC

David is responsible for building an organization that supports the development of great coaches worldwide. This includes workshops, community development and helping organizations source great coaches.

A pioneer in the coaching industry, David was Chief Operating Officer of and past President of CoachU. He has staged many innovative conferences on coaching and was the first to showcase coaching research almost 20 years ago.

He co-founded the Foundation for Coaching which has now become the Institute of Coaching at Harvard. The Institute continues to support research in to coaching worldwide.

David is an active coach working with senior leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs around the globe. He has also coached many of the leaders in the coaching profession helping to grow the impact of coaching worldwide.

Accelerating Coach Excellence - coming-soon David-P-circle Accelerating Coach Excellence - david-peterson-badge

David B. Peterson PhD

Director, Executive Coaching &
Leadership, Google LLC

David joined Google in 2011 as Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership. He coaches Google’s senior leaders, manages a network of external and internal coaches, and supports leadership, learning, and executive development initiatives for the multi-billion-dollar corporation.

Beside recently being voted "World's #1 Corporate Coach" by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, David is winner of several prestigious awards, earning his PhD in Counseling and Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Minnesota. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Society of Consulting Psychology, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), and the Harvard Institute of Coaching.

David describes himself as on a mission to make learning faster, better, and more rewarding for people and organizations. He is passionate about excellent coaches who think about how they help leaders solve their toughest, most complicated new and different problems.