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Start Fast isn’t about going fast. It’s about getting to more meaningful coaching with your clients faster than you ever thought possible.

In this 90-minute session you’ll be introduced to a whole new level of coaching. You’ll discover the importance of pacing - when to coach fast, coach slow, and how to move between them.

The Start Fast Masterclass will accelerate your time to high-impact results, going forward as a greater, more efficient coach - without waiting years to get there.

Over 10,000 coaches like you attended this masterclass and learned how to:

  • Engage Faster Give your clients real value in the first 15-20 minutes
  • Make Clients Want More End your first meeting stronger with techniques that have your clients asking “What’s next?”
  • Become a Learning ExpertDiscover how to inspire clients to learn faster and better
  • Connect Quicker Uncover and engage important client insights swifter than you ever thought possible
  • Create “Faster” Conditions Learn when it’s better to work fast and how it can create a greater impact for your client
  • Coach Efficiently Explore methods to increase your coaching effectiveness by asking yourself questions like “How can I achieve certain results in half the time?”

Let Google’s David Peterson and coaching industry pioneer David Goldsmith accelerate your coaching journey

This Start Fast Masterclass is an accelerator session designed specifically for “good coaches” looking to become “great coaches” in today’s competitive coaching community.

Developed by Google’s David Peterson and coaching industry pioneer David Goldsmith, this masterclass will show you what these great coaches learned the hard way, shortening your learning curve.

You will discover how to best pace your coaching and build deep trust with your clients. You’ll identify their most meaningful topics and challenges sooner. Get to the real work faster and create more meaningful client engagements.


Here’s what people are saying about Foundations of Great Coaching:

“I would absolutely recommend this training to my colleagues, I think this is a very interactive and a practical program. It is well structured so that it fits into a busy schedule and really gives people flexibility for a virtual program. It integrates opportunities for practice and reflection and you get to learn from the greatest experts in the field.”

Julia Rabinovitch

“The training can be applied, at any level. If you are just beginning this was a really nice overview and introduction. However, at the same level, I think it’s also for those who are more experienced who have a foundation and a grounding of their own and are eager to either learn additional techniques.”

Douglas Howe

“The beautiful thing about this program is that every session we've had we got the opportunity to listen to the actual coaching which has helped me open my own mind on the different ways I can approach certain situations. To questions I can ask to help the person I'm coaching to reach that full awareness or to recognize what their challenges are.”

Nada Othman

“Based on the concepts that are being provided, I think coaches from all levels of experience would be able to take these away and have them truly impact their, their coaching performance and the ability to deliver more value to their clients successfully.”

Sandra Kowaleski

About David & David

Accelerating Coach Excellence - coming-soon David-G-Circle

David M. Goldsmith

Coaching Industry Pioneer & Executive Director,
7 Paths Forward LLC

David is responsible for building an organization that supports the development of great coaches worldwide. This includes workshops, community development and helping organizations source great coaches.

A pioneer in the coaching industry, David was Chief Operating Officer of and past President of CoachU. He has staged many innovative conferences on coaching and was the first to showcase coaching research almost 20 years ago.

He co-founded the Foundation for Coaching which has now become the Institute of Coaching at Harvard. The Institute continues to support research in to coaching worldwide.

David is an active coach working with senior leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs around the globe. He has also coached many of the leaders in the coaching profession helping to grow the impact of coaching worldwide.

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David B. Peterson PhD

Director, Executive Coaching &
Leadership, Google LLC

David joined Google in 2011 as Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership. He coaches Google’s senior leaders, manages a network of external and internal coaches, and supports leadership, learning, and executive development initiatives for the multi-billion-dollar corporation.

Beside recently being voted "World's #1 Corporate Coach" by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, David is winner of several prestigious awards, earning his PhD in Counseling and Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Minnesota. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Society of Consulting Psychology, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), and the Harvard Institute of Coaching.

David describes himself as on a mission to make learning faster, better, and more rewarding for people and organizations. He is passionate about excellent coaches who think about how they help leaders solve their toughest, most complicated new and different problems.


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