With The Assess.Coach Tool You Get:

An easy way for clients
to find you online
The ability to connect with clients
and provide instant value
A way to enroll clients in coaching
that will help them most

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Research tells us one of coaches’ biggest challenges is the need to continuously generate interest in your services from the kinds of clients you want to coach.

The Assess.Coach Quiz tool is an intuitive assessment system that helps potential clients find you

By using the Assess.Coach Quiz tool you can stand out in a more engaging and personalized way while establishing authenticity with your target audience.

You will instantly understand the challenges your potential clients face creating opportunities for deeper, more meaningful conversations right away.

  • - Flexible and easy to use
  • - Provides potential clients with in-depth & valuable report
  • - Gives you a deeper assessment of your client's needs

Here’s what coaches are saying about Assess.Coach:

“I received 773 new quiz entries from prospective clients in 4 weeks and from this, over $20,000 in revenue. I’m delighted that the quiz has helped me grow my list substantially. In hindsight, I wish I had used the quiz earlier.”

Melanie, Vision Coach

“This quiz has transformed my business. I advertised the quiz on social media and generated over 20,000 new client leads in 12 months. This increased my coaching practice revenue by $50,000.”

Emma, Health and Wellness Coach

“The quiz creation process helps you to really think about your ideal client and what their pain points are. I Received 91 quiz optins in the first 2 weeks just by sending it to old contacts and sharing in my Facebook group.”

Angela, Transformational Coach


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