Do you want to achieve a level of mastery beyond most coaches?

Right now, your clients are looking to you, as their coach, to guide them through the unknown. To comfortably facilitate true transformation and unleash the full power of coaching.

As a Breakthrough Coaching Enhanced Graduate, you have advanced coaching skills. Now are you ready to go from great, to masterful? To create repeated breakthroughs for your clients?

The truth is, clients want sustained, transformative change that lasts long after their coaching engagement ends.

They want to work with the best - recognized coaching experts capable of delivering consistent results. Can you confidently deliver this profound client impact?

What if there was a straightforward way to achieve a high level of coaching mastery?

A place where you could continue your learning journey with Dr. Marcia Reynolds and be mentored by master coaches...

...would you be interested?

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Introducing Breakthrough
Coaching Certification

Breakthrough Coaching Certification is a groundbreaking certification program from Global Gurus' #5 Coach and the 5th global president of the International Coaching Federation, Dr. Marcia Reynolds.

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    ICF CCEU’s

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    Group Mentor Coaching

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    LIVE Sessions

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By working with Marcia and the Breakthrough Coaching Faculty, you will discover how to build a recognized coaching practice and create accelerated breakthrough change for every client - earning an income on par with the impact you’re making.

This program is specifically designed for coaches who have completed Breakthrough Coaching’s Enhanced Program Level and are ready to take their learning deeper and facilitate sustained, transformative change - both in their clients and their own practice.

This program will significantly enhance your breakthrough coaching skill set in 6 short months.

Learn how to streamline your client acquisition and develop profound coaching skills to achieve a level of mastery beyond most coaches.

When you can challenge your clients to achieve true transformation, you’ll get referred more, gain confidence, attract new clients, and build a more sustainable practice.

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Modules Overview

Module One
  • Determine the point you are at on your coaching journey moving from proficient to profound

  • Deepen your understanding of what the “collective mind” means for both coach and client to fine-tune your coaching skills

  • Recognize habits, patterns, and biases that hinder you from facilitating client transformation, and then choose to shift back to being present with compassionate curiosity

Module Two
  • Enhance the capacity for receiving and listening to the heart and gut

  • Distinguish intuition from opinion

  • Get strategies for sharing intuitive insights in a way that doesn’t lead the client in a particular direction in order to facilitate the breakthrough process

Module Three
  • Learn how to use summarizing, paraphrasing, and encapsulating in a more concise and laser-like way

  • Discover how to integrate sensory messages with reflective statements

  • Shift clients’ resistance, hesitations, and fear to acceptance and hope with reflections and simple questions

Module Four
  • Discover how group coaching is both different and similar to 1-on-1 sessions

  • Learn how to clearly communicate the benefits of group coaching

  • Explore different group coaching frameworks, so you can customize your service to the sponsoring client’s needs

  • Learn how to maximize the results of each group coaching session

  • Discover how to structure a group coaching engagement that spans at least 3 months

Module Five
  • Discover how to remain open and vulnerable so you stay on the journey with the client no matter what emerges

  • Learn how to accept rejection with grace, developing your “rejection resilience” in life, as well as in coaching

  • Move forward on your own personal growth journey, exploring new territories to expand on and cultivate that will deepen your understanding of being masterful

Module Six
  • Bring all of the program learning together so you can fully realize your vision

  • Learn how to use your coaching mastery to create powerful sales and chemistry conversations

  • Be able to recognize what is calling you in the moment without giving up on your dreams

  • Determine how your personal foundation and environment can best support your journey


Access to Exclusive
Group Mentoring Sessions

Get direct feedback on your coaching skills with Group Mentoring Sessions - small, intimate, fixed groups you’ll practice with throughout the program. Get feedback on your coaching from ICF-certified mentors who have trained with Marcia. Plus, learn how to give high-quality feedback to your peers.


Book Your Discovery Call To
Learn More About Certification

Book your Discovery Call with the Breakthrough Coaching Admissions Committee to determine whether Breakthrough Coaching Certification is right for you. On the call, you’ll get to know the certification program better and learn how to customize your learning experience to suit your needs and areas of interest. Here are the next steps on your Breakthrough Coaching Certification journey:

call call

Become a Breakthrough Coaching Certified Coach so you can:

Take your coaching from being proficient in skills to profound in impact

Achieve a level of mastery beyond most coaches as you embody the presence that evokes transformation

Create group coaching programs that give you a powerful and lucrative product you can sell to organizations and the public

Discover how to create powerful sales and chemistry conversations so you can land new clients easier

Shift resistant and difficult clients into willingness and results

Learn from
one of the world’s first Master Certified Coaches

Dr. Marcia Reynolds

Global Gurus' #5 Coach, 5th global
president of the International Coaching Federation

Meet The Breakthrough Coaching Certification Faculty:

Allison Crumpler

Allison Crumpler

Allison Crumpler is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Senior Director of Continuous Learning at Premier Research. As an internal coach for the organization, she provides executive, leadership and team coaching to senior executives.

With 13 years’ experience in clinical research, Allison designs and delivers leadership training programs, as well as overseeing the clinical technology training team. Aside from being a formidable coach and speaker, Allison is also a mother of 5.

Andrea Gemma

Andrea Gemma

Andrea Gemma is a Leadership Coaching expert and a Professional Certified Coach (PPC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Masters degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

In addition to coaching individuals, Andrea teaches ICF-accredited programs, mentoring others to become professional coaches, as well as other leadership development programs. She has also been an internal consultant to multi-level business leaders.

Connie Kadansky

Connie Kadansky

Connie Kadansky has coached more than 1,985 clients worldwide with clients in a number of sectors, including the financial services, insurance, real estate, commercial finance, pharmaceutical and microbiological culture media manufacturing.

Connie is particularly gifted in inspiring people to monetize their expertise, manage their visibility, and embody their value. Connie serves as a Sales Call Reluctance™ Coach who works with clients to increase sales and revenue-generating bandwidth.

Corry Robertson

Corry Robertson

Corry Robertson is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with expertise including Change Management (Prosci), Reinvention, Conflict Management/Resolution, Conscious Leadership, Performance Improvement and Management Training.

A leading global expert on professional coaching, organizational culture, engagement and retention, Corry helps leaders understand people management and how to leverage the skills and mindset required to build high performing teams.

Doramontie Nelleman

Dora Nelleman

Doramontie Nelleman (or ‘Dora’) is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) - the highest coaching certification from the ICF (International Coaching Federation). She is also a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive & Team Coach.

A faculty member of the Coach Masters Academy (CMA) in Singapore, Dora helps leaders, executives and entrepreneurs to tap into their potential and be on top of their game both in their personal and professional lives through transformative coaching.

Eddie Turner

Eddie Turner

Eddie Turner is an International Certified Coach, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), and an official ICF Mentor Coach.

Recognized as an ICF Coach of the Week in 2020, Eddie is one of Marshall Goldsmith’s MG100, a Certified Speaking Professional™ (CSP®), certified trainer, master facilitator, and host to one of Apple Podcast’s ‘New & Noteworthy’ podcasts, Keep Leading!®.

Gerrie Dresser

Gerrie Dresser

Gerrie Dresser is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) specializing in Branding and Impact. She has helped over 1,000 high-achieving leaders to unleash and accelerate their distinctive impact through high performance leadership and team engagement.

Gerrie is an active International Coach Federation (ICF) member. She was President of the Philadelphia Executive Board from 2005-2007, leading the organization to a global, award-winning chapter in 2006. She also served as VP from 2002-2003.

Laura Gates

Laura Gates

Laura Gates has been named a Top Coach by Culture Amp, specializing in leadership and team coaching. Founder of Gates Group LLC, she has had a long career which began in the finance sector on Wall Street with Citibank.

Laura rose to success during the SF era with her own marketing/PR firm. She also worked as a consultant training leaders in various industries. Today, she supports Silicon Valley tech giant teams to access their collective and individual genius.

Lori Lacey

Lori Lacey

Lori Lacey is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) who specializes in Leadership Development. She creates customized solutions to help companies meet their biggest challenges through personalized coaching, retreat facilitation, and course design.

In addition to being a PCC, Lori has a Master of Education Degree (Adult Education), a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (CEC), a Certificate in Authentic Leadership from the Banff Leadership Centre and a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation.

Tasha Walsh

Tasha Walsh

Tasha Walsh is an award-winning leadership development coach and highly-respected expert at helping leaders to reinforce their effectiveness and foster balance in their lives. Her presence provides renewed hope and practical steps to put to use right away.

Tasha’s focus supports people by increasing joy, decreasing stress and enjoying lasting success from the inside out. Her approach is to bridge the scientific and spiritual aspects of the brain by incorporating research on what makes people truly happy.

Wendy Koh

Wendy Koh

Wendy Koh is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. Over the past 14 years, she has specialized in leadership development, coaching leaders and creating huge transformation through facilitating powerful conversations.

Using a fully holistic approach, Wendy is a highly effective and adept facilitator, developing and creating milestone leadership programs for over 2000 leaders from educators and middle management, right through to executive-level management.

Strengthen their flexibility and agility in thinking/acting

Fast-track their career trajectory

Effectively navigate their increasingly complex and uncertain worlds

Increase their confidence and sense of personal power over their lives

Increase their sense of significance by understanding their actions have purpose

Cultivate their leadership presence

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Get your ICF Accreditation

Breakthrough Coaching Certification gives you the flexibility to complete 10 hours of mentor coaching with a simple 1-on-1 coaching add-on.

By choosing this option, you’ll complete 1 of the necessary requirements to get your ACC, PCC, or MCC accreditation from the ICF. Book your Discovery Call to learn more about this option.

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Still want to learn more about Breakthrough Coaching Certification? For full program details - including all the dates for the live sessions - check out the Breakthrough Coaching Certification Brochure.

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