Leadership doesn’t have to be lonely

They say, ‘it’s lonely at the top’.
As a leader, the majority of responsibility falls on your shoulders, and yours alone. That’s a lot of pressure.

Add to that the isolating nature of leadership and the ever-changing business landscape, and things get increasingly difficult to manage.

What if you didn’t have to do this on your own? How can you advance your skills even further while thriving in these unprecedented times?

Here are handpicked leadership sessions just for you!
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Learn how the world’s top-tier leaders adapt to unforeseen change and complex situations from the inside

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Top Leadership Sessions:

  • Deep engagement = trust, meaning, care, and hope

  • The conscious leader creates deep, meaningful engagement about real issues that matter.

  • The ego seeks stability, safety, and control

  • Consciousness means cultivating insight, inclusiveness, kindness, and compassion

  • The ego reaches outwardly for satisfaction and goes to great lengths to push away unpleasant feelings

  • Consciousness means nurturing and giving life without diminishing, it’s the capacity to engage, and the willingness to take action

  • Some of the most crucial moments as leaders are the hallway conversations. Cy recounts her story of a medical mixup and is hearing the nurse’s story and to help her asks, “if you were great right now, what would great look like right now?” traditional leadership models would have the leader go fix it. But that reinforces the victim mindset. Other leaders gain loyalty by colluding “this is the third time…”
  • You must be strategic and tactical, delegate, empower people to do their jobs, have a clear strong sense of direction, make tough decisions, and listen. All these paradoxes. I realized that’s a very different framework than talked about before. We need to help leaders navigate and thrive in the face of – here’s a little test for you, #3 on the slide- the last is often the toughest for people. Try to figure this one out. That’s the answer here- try to figure this one out.
  • We all live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, that is changing at a fast pace. So, we really need to think about how to adapt our leadership to today’s
    environment. Shannon makes the case for Social Leaders in this talk who:
    ● understand the impact they can have on society that is important for them to consider even as they lead important businesses, and,
    ● have the skills and behaviours needed to thrive in a modern work environment

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