“If a person doesn’t trust you and feel safe with you, then they won’t open up to share
with you what you need to hear to help them shift their thinking.”
– Marcia Reynolds

As a coach, you have to examine the stories people tell in order to determine what’s blocking them from achieving their goals. However, in order to shift perspective and reshape your clients’ stories, you must be prepared to deal with strong emotions – from your clients, as well as your own.

Join Marcia Reynolds to learn how to deal with these strong emotions. Discover how to develop non-reactive empathy so you don’t fall into sympathy or giving advice.

This was one of the most widely attended sessions throughout the 2020 WBECS Pre-Summit. This is your opportunity to experience this priceless coach education for yourself.

Watch this EXCLUSIVE bonus session to uncover:

  • Embrace the truth of a terrible situation while still coaching someone to grasp a more hopeful perspective

  • Compassionately detach from your clients’ stories so you can both care about and challenge their thinking

  • Differentiate sympathy from empathy and practice methods to coach with non-reactive empathy

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About Marcia Reynolds

Dr. Marcia Reynolds is the president of Covisioning LLC. A pioneer in the coaching profession, Marcia was the 5th global president of the International Coach Federation.

Currently, she is the training director for the Healthcare Coaching Institute in North Carolina. She is also on faculty coaching schools in Russia, The Philippines, and China. Outside of the schools, Marcia teaches Leader as Coach classes to organizations around the world, consulting with them to build coaching cultures.

Marcia is recognized by Global Gurus as the #5 coach in the world. In addition to training and consulting, Marcia coaches executives globally, as well as teaching her programs for agencies of the National Institutes of Health. She has trained and coached leaders in 41 countries and has presented at a number of prestigious institutions, such as the Harvard Kennedy School, Cornell University, and additional universities in Europe and Asia.