Relive one of the highest-attended sessions of the 2019 WBECS Full Summit

This complimentary session will empower you to:

  • Help clients recognize the importance of changing faster than the pace of change

  • Assist leaders in dealing with disruption and knowing when to disrupt themselves

  • Discover what sub-optimization is and why it’s so important to building resilience and agility

  • Use the Complexity Framework to help leaders identify the best way to respond to crisis, chaos, and disruption

  • Enable your clients to evolve faster than the rate of change to remain viable - and much more!

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About David Peterson

David has been recognized as a world-class executive coach and thought leader in leadership and executive development for over 25 years. In 2019 he was selected as the #1 Corporate Coach in the world.

Prior to co-founding 7 Paths Forward, dedicated to helping good coaches become great coaches, David led Google’s Executive Coaching & Leadership (ECL) team for 10 years, where he built one of the world’s most innovative and high-impact coaching programs.

In addition to being a world-class coach, he is a highly regarded author and speaker -- his books Leader as Coach and Development FIRST have sold over 1,000,000 copies -- known for being on the cutting edge of the profession, challenging the conventional wisdom and constantly exploring provocative and compelling new ideas to help coaches and leaders have greater impact.