Dr. David Drake

Global Thought Leader On Narrative Coaching

Coaching with Radical Presence: The Four Thresholds our Clients Need to Cross

This Pre-Session lays the foundation for my Summit session on Pragmatic Enlightenment: Why the World Needs Elders and What it Takes to Become One. It offers an introduction to coaching as a rite of passage and why vertical development is both hard and more essential than ever for our clients.

We will focus on the concept of thresholds and their critical role in development as an act of intention not just a process of acquisition. We will explore how thresholds are essential crucibles through which our clients mature and why this is so important.

Key Learning Takeaways

1. An understanding of what a threshold is and its role in development

2. An understanding of how to identity developmental thresholds present in client’s issues

3. An understanding of radical presence and its role in the maturation process

Marshall Goldsmith

Award-winning Coach & Best-Selling Author

Marshall Goldsmith: Coach-Led Q&A: Ask Marshall Goldsmith Anything!

Participants will find themselves part of a fully-immersive, interactive learning experience, by seizing the opportunity to put their questions to formidable coaching expert, Marshall Goldsmith, one of the world’s leading executive educators, coaches, and authors.

During this engaging, deep-dive session, participants will be able to 'ask Marshall anything' and dig deep into his expertise and experience as one of the World's most recognised coaching thought-leaders - empowering them to immediately apply the knowledge and skills they have gained with their clients.

Key Learning Takeaways

1. A deeper understanding of how to communicate more effectively with your clients

2. Clarity surrounding coaching presence and the relationship you have with your clients

3. Insight into what it takes to be established as one of the greatest coaching thought-leaders in the world

David B. Peterson

Live Coaching Demonstration with David Peterson

Live Coaching Demonstration with David Peterson

During this live coaching demonstration, David Peterson will bring on one of his clients and coach them live using his methodologies. Attendees will get the chance to see high-level coaching in action and observe directly how a leading coach can establish trust, listen with complete focus, deeply understand their clients’ needs, ask powerful questions and communicate effectively during a real-life coaching situation.

The first part of the call will be the speaker introducing the client and what methodologies and process they are going to use to coach them. During the second part, the live coaching demonstration will take place. The third part is a debrief of the demonstration for attendees to learn which tools and methodologies the coach used in which context and understand how to create similar results with their own clients, especially when it comes to their coaching presence, listening ability, the power of the questions asked as well as clarity and effectiveness in communication.

Key Learning Takeaways

1. When to trust your gut and when to be as rational and logical as you can

2. Why seeking and listening to people you disagree with is so important

3. How to avoid subtle but treacherous thinking errors that derail so many “good” decisions

4. How to see around corners so you’re not surprised by unanticipated consequences