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June 13 - 28, 2013


WBECS June 2013 Agenda

Full Summit Sessions are from 1 to 1.5 hours duration. Click each week’s button to look at the session title, presenter, date/time and details. Recordings are available for ticket holders. Attendance also qualifies for CCE units.

On Being Preeminent, Thoughts on “Greatness”, Disruptive Thinking, Ultimate Value Creation for others
Jay Abraham- WBECS
GET TICKET Wednesday, June 12 1:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME
JAY ABRAHAM - Founder and CEO of the Abraham Group

Discover how to think, act, transact, and interact with your market in a more exalted, impactful, and powerful way so that you are always seen as decisively superior to anyone/everyone else you compete against. Bonus: Musings on the concept of value as it relates to the other side.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to position differently
  • How to connect differently
  • How to see opportunities differently
  • How to distinguish differently
  • How to add value differently
7-Figure Online Marketing for Coaches and Their "Backend"
Brendon Burchard - WBECS
GET TICKET Thursday, June 13 1:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – BRENDON BURCHARD – #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and America’s High Performance Coach

Brendon Burchard burst on the scene with three back-to-back-to-back New York Times best selling books. In a short time he has become one of the world’s most popular coaches.

In this session, Brendon will share his strategy that helps coaches hit the 7-figure mark and why they think and market differently, by sharing their expertise and experience with a larger audience while developing key messaging to attract their ideal clients and taking your coaching business global by creating a best-selling book and online programs.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • How Experts Monetize their Brand Online
  • 12 Profit Pillars of Modern Coaches
  • 6 Key Web pages that Draw Clients In
The Coaching Advantage: Cultivating Self as Coach
Pam McLean - WBECS
GET TICKET Thursday, June 13 4:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – PAMELA MCLEAN – Preeminent Coach and Author of Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching

The focus of this session will be to examine the six elements of the Self as Coach model (outlined in Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching); and explore how each of these elements impacts specific coaching vignettes and situations. We will explore a series of tools and practices a coach can utilize in deepening one’s capacity to take full advantage of ‘use of self’ in the coaching engagement.

The greatest, most versatile, and often enigmatic tool that we possess as coaches is ‘the self as coach’ — that is, the whole, cultivated, managed self that we bring to the coaching experience to inspire and help effect change. Without this we are wildly diminished in our work.

  • An understanding of ‘use of self’ in coaching
  • A thorough exploration of the six key elements of Self as Coach
  • Application of each element to the coaching engagement
  • Practices and tools to increase one’s capacity in each domain
Evidence from the ICF Organizational Coaching Study
Damian Goldvarg - WBECS
GET TICKET Friday, June 14 11:00 AM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – DAMIAN GOLDVARG – Global Leader on Leadership Development

Earlier this year, the International Coach Federation (ICF) completed a fifth comprehensive industry study with its trusted global research provider, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The ICF Organizational Coaching Study was designed in a way that would enable a clearer understanding about the circumstances surrounding how coaches and coaching were being applied in global organizations today.

When the study was completed, valuable feedback was collected from professionals living in each of the main global regions. Furthermore, the study participants represented a variety of organizations that operated across a diverse blend of industry sectors, including: banking, health care, manufacturing, technology, and transportation.

This session will help illustrate how organizational professionals feel that coaching can become a desired solution to address many of challenges that they face today. Among the topics covered in the session include: why organizations choose to use coaching, how they typically utilize external or internal coaches, how they choose the most qualified coaches for the organization, and what they consider to be the value, impact and effectiveness of coaching at their organizations.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • Main organizational ‘trigger points’ for choosing coaching
  • Typical applications for both External and Internal coaches
  • How organizations identify the right coaches for their assignments
  • Where organizations go to accessing qualified coaches
  • The understood value, impact and effectiveness of organizational coaching
To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others
Daniel Pink - WBECS
GET TICKET Friday, June 14 3:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – DANIEL H. PINK – Bestselling Author on The Changing World of Work

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in nine Americans works in sales. Every day more than fifteen million people earn their keep by persuading someone else to make a purchase.

But dig deeper and a startling truth emerges:

Yes, one in nine Americans works in sales. But so do the other eight.

Whether we’re employees pitching colleagues on a new idea, entrepreneurs enticing funders to invest, or parents and teachers cajoling children to study, we spend our days trying to move others. Like it or not, we’re all in sales now.

To Sell Is Human offers a fresh look at the art and science of selling. As he did in Drive and A Whole New Mind, Daniel H. Pink draws on a rich trove of social science for his counterintuitive insights. He reveals the new ABCs of moving others (it’s no longer “Always Be Closing”), explains why extraverts don’t make the best salespeople, and shows how giving people an “off-ramp” for their actions can matter more than actually changing their minds.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • Learn the ABC’s of attunement, buoyancy, clarity.
  • Learn why strong extraverts are *not* the best salespeople.
  • Understand the 6 new pitches of the 21st century.
  • Know the five frames that can make your message clearer and more persuasive.
The 5 Unspeakable Truths About Coaching (That None Dare Acknowledge)
GET TICKET Monday, June 17 11:00 AM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – MICHAEL BUNGAY STANIER – Author of ‘Do More Great Work’ and the first Canadian Coach of the Year

As coaches, we’re ones for stepping into the light. We’re all about possibilities and potential, the upside and the upswing.

Even as they’re struggling, we’re a force for good in our client’s lives.

But the whole truth is more complex and a little murkier.

Jung said “the gold is in the dark”, and that’s exactly where we’re going prospecting during this webinar.

We’re going to look at some of the tougher truths – about ourselves, about our clients, and about the work we do – and shine a light on them.

It’s not going to be one big downer – Michael’s an entertaining presenter and as Oscar Wilde said of life, "this is far too important to be taken seriously."

Expect a provocative session that will challenge, entertain and nourish you.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • The five unspeakable truths – and the fifth one will likely catch you by surprise
  • The power and the wisdom that comes from embracing the shadow side of our selves and our situation
  • Two simple but powerful exercises that will strengthen you and your client relationships – and that you’ll be able to use with your own clients, too
A Shared View of The Practice Of Professional Coaching – Global Coaching & Mentoring Alliance (GCMA)
Damian Goldvarg - WBECS
GET TICKET Monday, June 17 1:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Panelists – DAMIAN GOLDVARG – Global Leader on Leadership Development; KATHERINE TULPA – Pioneer Global Leadership Coach; LISE LEWIS – Master Practitioner Coach for executives, business leaders, managers, internal coaches and teams

In this panel discussion you will be hearing from three of the top leaders in the industry, representing the Association for Coaching, European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), and International Coach Federation (ICF).

Early in 2013, the Global Coaching & Mentoring Alliance (GCMA) was established with the goal of creating a collective voice of professional bodies for more effective practice. Listen to our panelists share their views on facilitating exchange for industry stakeholders.

Following are the questions to be answered by the panel members:

  1. Tell me about your organization and how did it get to work with each other.
  2. What is research showing about the importance of professional bodies for the professionalization of coaching?
  3. When and why was GCMA created?
  4. What are the GCMA objectives?
  5. What are the GCMA objectives?
  6. What are expectations from coaches about GCMA?
The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time: Biz Lessons You Can Apply to Your Clients
GET TICKET Tuesday, June 18 10:00 AM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – VERNE HARNISH – Founder EO and Venture Columnist Fortune Magazine

18 of the greatest business decisions of all time provide some critical lessons for all companies. And there are four decisions that all firms must absolutely get right. In this session I’ll provide an overview of these decisions and drill deep into my personal top five of all time. I’ll also review a set of one-page tools that embody many of these decisions — tools you can use with your clients to drive growth.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • Lessons from 18 of the greatest business decisions of all time — based on my book published with colleagues at Fortune
  • The single most important decisions every company must make
  • Key lesson from Facebook that will drive 10 times the growth
  • Four decisions every company must get right
The Coaching Approach for Social Transformation
Patrick Williams Williams - WBECS
GET TICKET Tuesday, June 18 01:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Panelists – DARREN ROBSON – CEO & Founder MOE Foundation, Global Board Director Association for Coaching; DONNA STEINHORN – Passionate leader, a coach, serial entrepreneur and advisor to non-profit organizations; DR. PATRICK WILLIAMS – Author, speaker and coach trainer, and Hon VP of International Society for Coaching Psychology; RENEE FREEDMAN – Professional Coach, Consultant, and Co–Founder of SupporTED

This panel brings together 4 global coaching leaders whose organisations and social initiatives are making a fundamental and positive contribution in the world. This is an opportunity to be inspired by global initiatives that you can learn from and model in your community.

Specifically you will learn:

  • How the coaching approach is creating social transformation
  • How MOE entrepreneurs, young people and TED fellows are benefiting from coaching and mentoring
  • Ideas and experience from people who have turned their purpose into successful game changing organisations
  • Top tips and lessons learnt on how to take your initiative from an idea into a catalyst for real change
  • Inspirational stories of the impact that the coach approach is having in our world
  • The importance of thinking global and acting local, as well as thinking local and acting global, to take small ventures and apply them to global issues
How Corporations Source and Screen Executive Coaches: War Stories from the Trenches
GET TICKET Tuesday, June 18 5:30 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – BRIAN O. UNDERHILL, Ph.D. – Founder of the international coaching organization CoachSource

Dr. Underhill has spent 13 years screening executive coaches worldwide. Hear the “behind the scenes” stories from building a pool of over 800 coaches in 43 countries to serve multinational corporations’ executive coaching requests. Brian has personally traveled to all continents meeting over 400 of these coaches personally, in building and managing coaching pools for worldwide brands such as Dell, Microsoft and American Express.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • What are the 2 key characteristics executives want in a coach?
Kings and KingMakers ™ – taking your coaching to the next level by working with people with Influence and Affluence.
GET TICKET Wednesday, June 19 11:00 AM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter - HENDRE D. COETZEE - CEO and Founder of the Center for Advanced Coaching

Successful people are probably not going to learn business mastery from a coach – they already have it. This session will show what successful people are looking to coaches for and how to position your offering as a unique provider of that very need.

Specifically you will learn:

  • How to navigate the ultimate choice for every successful coach – King or KingMaker?
  • The Blueprint for working with people with Influence and Affluence – a powerful methodology to get access and provide ongoing value to successful people
  • Understanding the things that will sabotage working with successful people and how to avoid these pitfalls.
Your Blueprint For Winning Clients Online
GET TICKET Wednesday, June 19 03:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – IAN BRODIE – Coach Marketing Specialist, recently voted one of Top Global Thought Leaders in Marketing and Sales

Slowly but surely, more and more coaching clients are searching for ideas, insights and help online. And the coaches that have “cracked the code” of online marketing are winning those clients and blindsiding much more established players.

Winning clients online is about much more than just having a great website or being active in social media. It’s about mastering an end-to-end process for generating initial contact with potential clients, building credibility and nurturing relationships, and making the right offers at the right time to turn potential clients into paying clients.

This session will lay out a step-by-step blueprint for winning clients online, and detail the key strategies for implementing the blueprint.

Specifically you will learn:

  • The ClientFLOW process for winning clients online
  • Why 90% of social media activity is a waste of time, and the 5 strategies that actually get you clients
  • The Timing Paradox: why most coaches chase the wrong clients at the wrong time (and how to use your website to get the right ones at the right time)
Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches: Learn what it really takes to build a million-dollar coaching practice
GET TICKET Thursday, June 20 11:00 AM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – ANDREW NEITLICH – Author, Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches; Founder & Director, Center for Executive Coaching

Very few coaches make it to the high six figures. Andrew Neitlich knows, because he has done it, still does it, and trains other coaches to do it, too. In this summit, we go into depth about what you need to do in order to get into the top tier of income earners in the coaching profession. The program is based on Andrew’s book Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches: Six Steps to Building Your Million-Dollar Practice, which was a top-20 coaching book in the past year.

Specifically you will learn:

  • An assessment of your current business development as a coach.
  • strategic foundation that assures success as a coach.
  • A formula for a compelling marketing message.
  • The 70/30 rule for choosing a target market vs. being a generalist.
  • The low-cost, high-impact tactics that get clients.
  • Selling conversations that close deals.
  • Tactics to keep clients for a long, long time.
  • How to stop trading your time for dollars.
  • What it takes to build a firm that you can sell.
The Top 10 Ways to Make Money as an Executive Coach Earn more so you can serve more!
GET TICKET Thursday, June 20 3:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Co-Presenters – A. DRAYTON BOYLSTON, Founder and CEO, The Executive Coaching University; and GARY HENSON, Master Business Coach Trainer and Industry Thought Leader

You got into coaching because you were called, right? Has it been a challenge to make the calling pay off? We want to make it easier!

In this program you will discover time tested formulas for growing your coaching business with very little (if any) added investment. Many of the strategies you can implement immediately without having to take yet another business building program. With over 40 years of combined experience in the world of coaching, Drayton and Gary lead the industry’s charge to help coaches prosper. This is not about “selling the dream” or a “magic bullet” (you know what we are talking about…); this is about practical, proven ways to grow your revenue and keep your sanity. Their teaching is: Understandable…Actionable…and…Affordable to implement. All lead to a winning outcome for you.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • The easy and inexpensive ways to grow your revenue…fast!
  • How to unveil your true earning power.
  • Ways to expand the way you think about your coaching business and thus see more immediate opportunities.
  • The secret ways to uncover hidden profits that already exist in your coaching practice.
  • Hear the income generation secrets from two Coaching Pioneers with over 40 years of combined coaching wisdom!
Try Feedforward Instead of Feedback
Dr Marshal Goldsmith - WBECS
GET TICKET Friday, June 21 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter - DR. MARSHALL GOLDSMITH - Voted the World's #1 Leadership Thinker by Harvard Business Review

There is a fundamental problem with all types of feedback: it focuses on the past, on what has already occurred—not on the infinite variety of opportunities that can happen in the future. As such, feedback can be limited and static, as opposed to expansive and dynamic.

Providing feedback has long been considered to be an essential skill for leaders. As they strive to achieve the goals of the organization, employees need to know how they are doing. They need to know if their performance is in line with what their leaders expect. They need to learn what they have done well and what they need to change. Traditionally, this information has been communicated in the form of “downward feedback” from leaders to their employees. Just as employees need feedback from leaders, leaders can benefit from feedback from their employees.

Marshall will go over the eleven (11) reasons that the feedforward process works.

He will also describe what made the participants in a feedforward role playing exercise exclaim that the exercise was “great”, “energizing”, “useful”, or “helpful,” and one of the most commonly-mentioned words was “fun!”

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • How feedforward can often be preferable to feedback in day-to-day interactions
  • How feedforward can make life a lot more enjoyable
  • How leaders can dramatically improve the quality of communication in their organizations
  • How to encourage others to use feedforward
  • How feedforward helps focus on the promise of the future
Coaching Global Leaders and Their Teams
GET TICKET Friday, June 21 11:00 AM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – KATHERINE TULPA - Pioneer Global Leadership Coach

During this practical and thought provoking session, Katherine will share insights and experiences of coaching global leaders and their teams, looking at the core foundations of what makes up a successful coaching relationship, and which will create true 'shifts' in performance. She will also explore the role and skills required of a global leadership coach – one that may break conventional thinking and coaching practice - as we develop and learn to 'shift' with the client, along with the system, and world, by which we now operate.

Key Points/Takeaways:

  • What's different, or accentuated, when working with global leaders and their teams?
  • The role and responsibilities of a global leadership coach – what we need to dial up, or down
  • Practical tips and success factors for helping global leaders create breakthrough performance
Leading with Backbone and Heart: How to set a Leadership Direction, integrating leadership
GET TICKET Friday, June 21 3:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – MARY BETH O’NEILL – Author of "Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart"

This session introduces you to a tool for leaders that – on one page – allows them to set direction for both the business outcomes and the leadership development outcomes they want for themselves and their organizations. It also highlights the leadership challenges leaders must face in order to create a compelling direction for themselves and their teams.

Coaches can help leaders use this model in two ways:

Specifically You Will Learn:

It helps leaders clarify their own thoughts. It prioritizes and organizes the many areas they juggle every day, focusing on the ones that count the most.

They can share it with their team in order to get alignment around the direction they set for the organization.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • A way to approach leadership development that integrates relationships with results.
  • This customized map (one page!), that keeps leaders focused on their outcomes, their team’s contributions, and their leadership challenges
Leadership Effectiveness: How the Magical Power of Integration Can Transform Your Coaching and Your Clients.
GET TICKET Monday, June 24 04:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Co-presenters – Join Coach Training Institute (CTI) Founder KAREN KIMSEY-HOUSE and CTI Neuroscience consultant ANN BETZ for a fascinating look at the power of expectations.

As one of the founders of the entire field of coaching, Karen holds a depth of knowledge about human development that is unsurpassed, and was one of last year’s WBECS most talked about and downloaded speakers. Ann is a true thought leader and sought-after speaker in the emerging world of brain-based coaching and brings a curiosity and passion for her topic that never fails to engage her audience deeply.

Current research in neuroscience points to more and more evidence that the most effective leaders (and human beings) are those who have the power of integration. By this we mean a level of self-knowledge and range that is beyond the usual standard we would call “awareness,” and moving into the realm of true mastery. At this level of self-awareness, these leaders are able to know themselves, and stand firmly for their truth and values and from there, create win-win, collaborative, fulfilling and successful relationships with others—for the sake of everyone’s goals and success. These leaders have the ability to meet complex situations and challenges with the flexibility required in today’s ever-changing world.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • Current research on the brain takes the guesswork out of effective leadership
  • The most powerful and effective leaders are those who can access both halves of their brain
  • The best leaders are able to stand tall in who they are and be receptive to others
  • The Co-Active model provides a road map for effectiveness as a leader or coach of leaders and executives
  • The most important thing in today’s complex world is learning to let go of “either/or” thinking where you take one side or another and move to the center of “yes, and” thinking, where there is both clarity and commitment as well as openness and flexibility.
  • Ideas and tools for using the concepts immediately with clients
Four Leadership Mantras and Nine IAC Masteries – Coaching the New Leadership Model
Dr.Susan R. Meyer - WBECS
GET TICKET Monday, June 24 7:30 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Panelists - AILEEN GIBB - An internationally-known coach and facilitator of leadership; KRISHNA KUMAR -Founding Director, Intrad School of Executive Coaching; NATALIE TUCKER MILLER -Past-President and Lead Certifier of the International Association of Coaching; SUSAN R. MEYER - President of the International Association of Coaching

Enlightened Leadership, Awakened Leadership, Lateral Leadership and Vertical Leadership are four mantras that describe an effective leadership model for the future. The IAC Masteries™ form a framework for coaching leaders to incorporate these aspects of leadership into their practice. We will discuss the four mantras and describe using the Masteries as a leadership development tool in Corporate, Non-profit, Health Care and Government settings.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • Discover how to develop self-reflective leaders who use their understanding of who they are to inspire others
  • Use coaching skills to develop communication that helps leaders work across levels of any organization and develop spheres of trust and influence
  • Design internal programs that use the Masteries to create the mentoring skills that develop future leaders
  • Understand how being present in all interactions fosters higher levels of interaction and creativity
Leaders of the Future Imperatives of Leadership
GET TICKET Tuesday, June 25 3:30 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME

Due to unforeseen circumstances this session has been move to Friday, June 28th at 11:00AM EDT. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Presenter – FRANCES HESSELBEIN – Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient, Former CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA

"Today all of us face new leadership imperatives in this age of the lowest level of trust, highest level of cynicism in my whole lifetime, my own country, in many countries." Frances Hesselbein will talk about the power of mission, values, change, diversity, inclusion, collaboration — she will share her definition of leadership.

By pointing out a handful of leadership imperatives, we will learn that leading change calls for effective, ethical leaders in every sector at every level of every enterprise.

By pointing out a handful of leadership imperatives, we will learn that leading change calls for effective, ethical leaders in every sector at every level of every enterprise.

Specifically You Will Learn the 4 Leadership Imperatives:

  • Challenging the gospel of the status quo.
  • Developing today leaders of change, leaders of the future.
  • Providing equal access to achieve significance in the new century.
  • Building collaboration, alliances, and partnerships.
Multiple Brain Integration Coaching – how the latest findings in neuroscience are changing the game
GET TICKET Tuesday, June 25 10:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Co-Presenters – MARVIN OKA, Multiple Brain Integration Coaching – liberating the innate wisdom within; and, GRANT SOOSALU, Multiple Brain Integration Coach

The latest findings in neuroscience show that we have three functioning ‘brains’ in our head, heart and gut, respectively. The implications for coaching are profound. Based on this research, Marvin and his colleague, Grant Soosalu, have developed a range of powerful coaching techniques known as ‘multiple brain integration techniques’ (mBIT). In this session, Marvin Oka will explain these latest neuroscience findings and how they can be applied in your coaching work to harness the innate wisdom of your clients.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • Understanding the latest findings in neuroscience showing we have three brains and how it impacts your approach to coaching.
  • How to detect and recognize how your client is using their three brains to create their internal challenges.
  • How to coach your client to align and integrated their three brains in new ways for greater personal congruence and inner wisdom.
  • Understanding the 9 Prime Functions related to the head, heart and gut brains, and how to work with them during a coaching session..
  • The mBIT Roadmap – a powerful framework for working with your client’s multiple brains to harness their innate wisdom.
  • How to work with your client’ so they can quickly attain a state of inner mental/emotional/physiological (autonomic) balance for generating wiser options during your coaching sessions.
Evaluating deception and credibility in the coaching relationship
GET TICKET Wednesday, June 26 9:00 AM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Co-Presenters – JOSEPH O’CONNOR and ANDREA LAGES – Executive coaches and founders of the International Coaching Community

This session will show you how to evaluate deception and credibility in coaching relationships. Trust and credibility is the basis of any relationship and your ability as a coach to assess the credibility of your client will be crucial in being able to help them in the best way. You will learn the latest psychological models of truth and lies and the models and skills from the work of Doctor Paul Ekman in detecting deception.

You will explore your own ideas of how people are when they are being deceptive and demolish some of the widespread myths that are prevalent in the area.

The session will deal with emotions and how emotions show in the face, micro expressions of emotion (displays of less than one fifth of a second), and other channels verbal and non verbal. Attendees will have an opportunity to see micro expressions and practice seeing the emotion displayed with a real time micro expressions training.

Our clients are giving us signals all the time on how they are thinking and feeling, and we are capable of picking up, evaluating and acting on much more than we currently do. This session is your first step towards that.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • Understand and use the psychological models of truth and deception
  • Read micro facial expressions and link them to emotions
  • Understand and be able to recognise the seven universal emotions
  • Know the difference between the myths and science of detecting deception
  • Apply the learning from the session to your work as professional coaches.
Coaching in the 21st Century. A required re-invention
GET TICKET Wednesday, June 26 1:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – MYLES DOWNEY – Thought Leader and Entrepreneur In The World Of Performance, Learning and Coaching

The ‘rules’ that defined the 20th Century business are working less and less effectively in a world of work that is defined speed and complexity. New approaches to leadership and management are required for success in the 21st Century. Creativity, innovation, talent and retention are no longer HR concerns – they are the concern of each and every leader and manager.

In this world of work coaches can play a key and possibly vital role – but that cannot be done if operating from a 20th Century model of Coaching.

This is the challenge for the profession and for each individual coach who wants to thrive.

The very quality of coaching needs to improve – and not just at the edges, around a ‘leading edge’ innovation – but in the core skills.

Coaches need to understand how the vast amount of research into human excellence can be applied so that the people that coach go beyond current levels of performance and attainment – Enabling Genius.

And to ‘enable genius’ in others then understanding one’s own ‘genius’ as a coach might be a starting point

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • An understanding of the seismic shifts in the word of work and the likely consequences
  • Insight into the opportunities that are emerging for coaches to make a difference
  • An understanding of the demands on leaders and managers in the 21st Century and how they now need to perform
  • Insight into how to work with such Leaders and Managers
  • A reminding of the core skill in coaching – facilitating thinking
  • An insight into Enabling Genius – the knowledge and techniques behind excellence
  • Techniques and exercise to allow further thinking beyond the presentation
Business Growth through Innovation Coaching
GET TICKET Thursday, June 27 3:00 AM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – JOHN LEARY-JOYCE – Business Growth through Innovation Coaching

Without innovation companies stagnate and eventually die.

To support change and growth the first step is having the foresight to spot what is ‘coming over the horizon’ and develop a response strategy – the essence of traditional coaching.

The next step is more difficult, clearing out the dead wood, the processes, products and people that clog up the system. Coaching needs to be tougher and more challenging. It takes courage and determination to risk letting go of the old and familiar especially if it still works. But cutting back leaves room for renewal, stimulates fresh approaches and new ideas. This is where Innovation Coaching becomes most effective; challenging the coachee to push the boundaries, be open to new possibilities, taking the risk to fail and learn from mistakes.

But innovation needs to be balanced with Structure, stability, solidity to convert those great ideas, seemingly unrealistic fantasies and wild daydreams into productive grounded products and services. There has to be a dynamic balance, like a seesaw – too much bureaucracy, traditional systems will leave innovation up in the air and static; while great ideas, visions, plans and strategies but no capability to develop them into feasible action will burn out eg 90's Dot-Com bubble.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • Why innovation in today’s business matters
  • Understanding the context for undertaking Innovation Coaching
  • Key to success is the dynamic balance between Structure and Innovation
  • he CREATE model for structuring coaching for innovation sessions
  • The coaching process used in Being CREATIVE
  • Creative tools & techniques to use in your coaching practice
  • Experience of going through the process yourself
Great Leadership Makes a Great Workplace… and What You Can Do to Make a Difference
GET TICKET Thursday, June 27 11:00 AM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – BARRY POSNER – Most Trusted Source for Leadership Development

Don’t take my word for it – let’s look at the data from over a million constituents from across the globe, and across all industries and positions to understand what makes people engaged in their workplaces. The short answer is how their leaders behavior. We’ll examine The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, drawing upon both case studies and more empirical findings. With each leadership practice we’ll point out several key actions that people need to take if they are to lead others to greatness. These ideas can be put into practice right away.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • Get the facts behind what makes people engaged in their workplaces.
  • Understand the importance of key leadership practices.
  • Resolve the dilemma between leadership style and leadership behavior.
  • Strengthen resolve that leadership is everyone’s business!
  • Identify the behaviors comprise The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership.
  • Learn about how to apply the lessons from exemplary leadership right now.
The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth – Live Them and Reach Your Potential
GET TICKET Thursday, June 27 2:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Presenter – JOHN C. MAXWELL – Internationally Renowned Coach and Author

Are there tried and true principles that are always certain to help a person grow? John Maxwell says the answer is yes. He has been passionate about personal development for over fifty years, and for the first time, he teaches everything he has learned about what it takes to reach our potential.

In the way that only he can communicate, John teaches: The Law of the Mirror: You Must See Value in Yourself to Add Value to Yourself; The Law of Awareness: You Must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself; The Law of Modeling: It’s Hard to Improve When You Have No One But Yourself to Follow; The Law of the Rubber Band: Growth Stops When You Lose the Tension Between Where You are and Where You Could Be; The Law of Contribution: Developing Yourself Enables You to Develop Others.

John will discuss these laws which are part of his third and final book in the John Maxwell’s Laws series to help you become a lifelong learner whose potential keeps increasing and never gets ‘used up’.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • How to maximize potential
  • How to plan for personal growth
  • How to become a better leader
  • How to better understand teamwork
  • How to become a more effective and fulfilled individual
Send email, Sign Client: Simple email marketing for business and executive coaches
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Presenter – TAKI MOORE -The World’s #1 Business and Executive Coach Lead Generation Expert

If you need to sign clients, here’s some good news:

The number one most profitable, most effective Coach marketing tool is already in your hands.

Best of all, it’s free, and it’s wickedly effective.

It’s email.

But I bet no one ever showed you the 3 ways smart coaches use email to get coaching clients.

You see, when it comes to marketing your practice, and getting clients, there is so much confusion about what works, and what to do. Most of the tactics people talk about are expensive, and complicated. And as you know, most of them don’t work at all, or you have to be incredibly disciplined, and it takes ages to see any real results at all.

That’s why I love email so much.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • Why almost every coach who uses email gets it 100% WRONG. You’ll know the 3 big mistakes to avoid, and how to use email to sign clients, without looking spammy or salesy at all.
  • How to use a simple email system to get clients in the next seven days, even if you have our tiny list, or haven’t written to your database in months.
  • How to get your prospects to actually look forward to your emails… And hungrily consume your info while they unsubscribe or delete everyone else’s messages.
  • I’ll give you the exact communication plan to suit your market (how frequently, what topics to write about, and how to write emails that get clients).
  • Plus you’ll get my 90 day email marketing planner, so you never run out of things to say.
  • The 7 email templates you should be using right now if you want to get results fast, & clients in the next 30 days
Selling To The C-Suite: How To Get The Attention Of Senior Executives (And Keep It)
Ago Cluytens - WBECS
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AGO CLUYTENS: One of The World’s Foremost Experts On “Winning The Complex Sale” – Selling high end professional services to CxOs in the Fortune-500

Ask 100 executive coaches (and other high-end advisors) about which type of client they would love to do more work with, and 90 will tell you the same thing.

Senior executives and the C-suite.

It’s the Holy Grail. To be perceived as a trusted advisor and build long-term relationships with senior people inside blue chip corporations.

Understandable. It’s where the action is. Where the money is. Where decisions are made. Where impact is made. But getting there is far from easy. What worked yesterday no longer works today.

The economic outlook, corporate restructuring, cost containment measures, the changing attitude to risk and shifting buying patterns have all come together and created the perfect storm.

Many executives coaches struggle to keep the relationships they have, let alone build new ones.

But there is a small minority of high-end executive coaches and advisors that are successfully building new relationships, securing new business and doing the work they love - with clients they love.

What’s the difference ? In this session, you will learn:

  • The Business Case: Why You (Really) Want To Sell To The C-Suite
  • Why Executives Not Just Are Different – But Think Different
  • 5 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Even Set Foot In The Door
  • The Golden Gate: 6 Things You’ll Need To Be Invited Into The C-Suite
  • The 7 Biggest Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling To Executives
  • A Proven Step-By-Step Approach To Building Your Prospecting A-List
Leaders of the Future Imperatives of Leadership
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Presenter – FRANCES HESSELBEIN – Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient, Former CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA

"Today all of us face new leadership imperatives in this age of the lowest level of trust, highest level of cynicism in my whole lifetime, my own country, in many countries." Frances Hesselbein will talk about the power of mission, values, change, diversity, inclusion, collaboration — she will share her definition of leadership.

By pointing out a handful of leadership imperatives, we will learn that leading change calls for effective, ethical leaders in every sector at every level of every enterprise.

By pointing out a handful of leadership imperatives, we will learn that leading change calls for effective, ethical leaders in every sector at every level of every enterprise.

Specifically You Will Learn the 4 Leadership Imperatives:

  • Challenging the gospel of the status quo.
  • Developing today leaders of change, leaders of the future.
  • Providing equal access to achieve significance in the new century.
  • Building collaboration, alliances, and partnerships.
What To Do When You Coaching Engagement Goes Bad
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Presenter – HOWARD MORGAN – One of The World’s Top 50 Coaches

Normally, we have the pleasure of entering coaching engagements that are both rewarding for us and the coachee. But what do you do when a coaching engagement is not having the impact that you or the organization want. What do you do to maintain your credibility as a coach and how do you give your best effort to ensure that the organization gets the highest value out of your engagement. Sometimes there is a time to end the engagement but at other times, there is a time to redefine and reactivate the engagement.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • How to recognize when a change is needed
  • Identifying if it is time to end the engagement
  • How to correct the direction of the engagement without ending it
  • How to get a focal point for success

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