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Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches: Learn what it really takes to build a million-dollar coaching practice

Andrew Neitlch - WBECS
Andrew Neitlich - Author, Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches; Founder & Director, Center for Executive Coaching
Very few coaches make it to the high six figures. Andrew Neitlich knows, because he has done it, still does it, and trains other coaches to do it, too. In this summit, we go into depth about what you need to do in order to get into the top tier of income earners in the coaching profession. The program is based on Andrew Neitlich's book Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches: Six Steps to Building Your Million-Dollar Practice, which was a top-20 coaching book in the past year. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • An assessment of your strengths and weaknesses in business development
  • A formula for a compelling marketing message- Coaching models that generate huge income but don't burn you out
  • Hybrid business models so that your clients see you as a go-to professional and expert in the marketplace

What Do Executives Want in a Coach?

Brian O. Underhill - WBECS
Brian O. Underhill - Inspiring Leader to High-Impact Executive Coaches
Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D. is the founder of the international coaching organization CoachSource. He has spent 13 years screening executive coaches worldwide and has the scars to prove it! Hear the "behind the scenes" stories from building a pool of over 1000 coaches in 43 countries to serve multi-national corporations' executive coaching requests.Brian has personally traveled to all continents meeting over 400 of these coaches personally, in building and managing coaching pools for worldwide brands such as Dell, Microsoft and American Express. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • The 2 key characteristics executives want in a coach

Multiple Brain Integration Coaching - How the latest findings in neuroscience are changing the game

Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu - WBECS
Co-Presenters- Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu: Multiple Brain Integration Coaching – liberating the innate wisdom within
The latest findings in neuroscience show that we have three functioning 'brains' in our head, heart and gut, respectively. The implications for coaching are profound. Based on this research, Marvin and his colleague, Grant Soosalu, have developed a range of powerful coaching techniques known as 'multiple brain integration techniques' (mBIT). In this session, Marvin Oka will provide an overview of these latest neuroscience findings and their applications to coaching. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • How the latest findings in neuroscience showing we have three brains.impacts your approach to coaching.
  • Understanding the 9 Prime Functions related to the head, heart and gut brains, and how they manifest in coaching situations.
  • The mBIT Roadmap - a powerful framework for working with your client's multiple brains to harness their innate wisdom.
  • Understanding the significance of your client's Autonomic Nervous System and how it affects their ability to generate wise options.

Advanced Lead Generation For Business And Executive Coaches: How to install an automated marketing machine that brings you Clients

Taki Moore - WBECS
Taki Moore - The World's #1 Business and Executive Coach Lead Generation Expert
You need more leads, and more clients. But you know that your marketing isn't consistent enough to make that happen. Its not your fault. There are 3 reasons why your marketing is patchy and inconsistent right now: 1. You are too busy coaching and running your business, and don't have the time for marketing. 2. Even if you had the time, the strategies you've been using don't always work, leaving you frustrated. 3. You've got too much on your plate, and you don't have a way to automate your marketing campaigns, so that they run every day without you. Here's the summary: without automation, your marketing will be inconsistent. You mean well, but You drop the ball with lead generation, and following up past prospects. and you get overwhelmed with all the marketing strategies that you know you should be doing, but Aren't. What you need, is a marketing system that never misses a beat. Where every prospect is followed up flawlessly, and no one ever slips through your fingers ever again. A system that consistently generates new leaves every week, and warms them up, until they are ready to buy… From you. You need a system that takes care of all the marketing and lead generation, leaving you free to do what you do best: coach your clients. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • Why automating your marketing is the key to getting the clients you want, and the freedom you need
  • The three automated marketing systems that every coach needs (missing these is the reason why 90% of coaches still don't have enough clients).
  • How to stop being overwhelmed, and become a Marketing Architect, building marketing systems that work month after month, bringing you hot leads and paying clients.
  • The five free and low cost text tools I use to automate my marketing and run smart campaigns so You can concentrate on coaching.
  • A ready to send, cut and paste campaign that you can copy immediately and get clients right now.

Business Growth through Innovation Coaching

John Leary - Joyce - WBECS
John Leary-Joyce, Business Growth through Innovation Coaching.
Without innovation companies stagnate and eventually die.To support change and growth requires a clear-out of outdated systems, processes & people to leave room for renewal, fresh approaches and new ideas.But it takes courage and determination to risk letting go of the old and familiar especially if it still works. How often we hear the phrase "If it ain't broke don't fix it" – a recipe for disaster. Interestingly the recession has pushed those companies under but made the adaptive ones stronger.Innovation Coaching involves challenging the coachee whether individual, team or organisation to push the boundaries, to be open to new possibilities; supporting them to experiment, to risk failing and to learn from mistakes so they continue to grow.But innovation also needs to be balanced with structure, stability, solidity to convert those great ideas, seemingly unrealistic fantasies and wild daydreams into productive grounded products and services. So any coaching approach that focuses on innovation needs to encompass both the supporting structure and the creative process.The method I've developed has both a structured model with the acronym C.R.E.A.T.E and a dynamic process called Being C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E. To find out more, join me for this free taster webinar where I'll outline my method.AND…. keep Thursday June 27th 8 – 10am free in your diary so that if you like the taste then you'll join me for the whole meal – a full explanation, illustration and experience of the model and practice.

Coaching is the CURE for our Human Capital Crisis!

Drayton Boylston, Gary Henson - WBECS
See Recording Friday, May 10th 1:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Co-Presenters - A. Drayton Boylston, Founder and CEO, The Executive Coaching University; and Gary Henson, Master Business Coach Trainer and Industry Thought Leader
You see it all around you…people hurting, disillusioned, sick, and lost. Organizations failing to engage and keep their best people. Stress taking its toll on people whom you care about (and maybe you?). Businesses, and the people that make up the soul of organizations, need our help! Coaching is the CURE for this Crisis! Coaching isn't about borders, religion, or politics. It is a powerful way to help people change themselves and the organizations they serve. Come with us as we focus on the CURE for this crisis! The stark reality of what is really happening to people in organizations. Here are a few eye-openers: - 51% of "A" players are actively looking for another job. - 80% of people never use their greatest gifts at work. - Worker engagement is at an all time low- 30% in the US and 11% worldwide. - 75% of ALL illness is stress related. And many more shocking workplace realities... Here is the great news…Coaching is the CURE for all of these issues! Specifically You Will Learn:
  • Why coaching is absolutely needed in every organization on this planet!
  • How addressing these "points of pain" can skyrocket your business!
  • About the duty and opportunity you have to be a change agent- through coaching!
  • The reasons why our coaching tribe has to band together to be the CURE!

Introduction: Kings and KingMakers™ - taking your coaching to the next level by working with people with Influence and Affluence

Hendre D. Coetzee - WBECS
SEE RECORDING Tuesday, May 14th 11:00 AM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Hendre D. Coetzee - CEO and Founder of the Center for Advanced Coaching
This talk will introduce you to a blueprint to work with people with Influence and Affluence. You will receive a very practical overview of what seven figure coaches are providing that six figure coaches don't. It will also help you recognize beliefs and behaviors that are currently keeping you from working with very successful people. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • The access points to successful people that often gets overlooked
  • Success brings it's own set of challenges – understanding how to navigate that with your clients
  • Mastering the skill that will generate trust with leaders

Leading with Backbone and Heart: Creating and Maintaining Equilibrium Amidst Challenges

Mary Beth O'Neill - WBECS
SEE RECORDING Tuesday, May 14th 04:30 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Mary Beth O'Neill - Author of "Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart"
A majority of leadership issues revolve around the lack of balance between backbone and heart when relating to one's boss, peers, and /or team. We will explore how to define this balance and how to get back into equilibrium when circumstances or predisposition takes one out of alignment. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • Define two of the most important leader relationship skills
  • Learn a way to bring leaders into the discussion about their strengths/weaknesses regarding these skills
  • Provide four ways to regain the critical balance of backbone and heart.

Having Impact In A Changing World

Myles Downey - WBECS
See Recording Wednesday, May 15th 1:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Myles Downey - Thought Leader and Entrepreneur In The World Of Performance, Learning and Coaching
While the world of work is changing fast coaching has remained unchanged - worse it has become commoditised and many senior executives are questioning the value. In this short presentation Myles will take about the key shifts in the world of work and how a coach might take advantage of the opportunities that are now showing up. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • Clarity about the major shifts in the world of work - and the very real impact
  • Clarity about how coaching is losing credibility
  • Clear steps to take to position yourself to take advantage in a time of change

The Coaching Advantage: Cultivating Self as Coach

Pamela McLean - WBECS
Pamela McLean - Preeminent Coach and Author of Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching
Self as coach connotes the work of developing our inner landscape: habits and behaviors, long-held stories and our ways of making meaning and living in the world. A great coach needs much more than a set of skills to reach mastery and the work starts at 'home' learning to cultivate the 'use of self' on behalf of the client's development goals. This brief session will explore the six key elements a great coach needs to cultivate in the Self as Coach domain including: Presence, Range of Feelings, Empathic Stance, Boundary Awareness, Somatic Awareness and Courage to Challenge. Together we will examine the impact these elements have on specific coaching vignettes and we'll explore specific tools the coach can use in cultivating more capacity in each of these key elements. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • A model useful in exploring the Self as Coach domains
  • A series of tools for each of the six domains that will deepen the coach's capacity
  • An awareness of the power of 'use of self' in the coaching relationship
  • One action step on behalf of deepening awareness one's 'inner landscape'

Coaching, Leadership and the Power of Expectations — What Happens When We See Others as Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole?

Karen Kimsey-House and Ann Betz - WBECS
Co-Presenters – Join CTI Founder Karen Kimsey-House and CTI Neuroscience consultant Ann Betz for a fascinating look at the power of expectations.
Join CTI Founder Karen Kimsey-House and CTI Neuroscience consultant Ann Betz for a fascinating look at the power of expectations. In this lively half hour pre-conference session, we'll explore the art and science of one of the key tenets of Co-Active coaching: Holding Others as Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole. Not only do our expectations color our view of reality, according to current research on the brain, when we see our clients as whole, able and creative, they actually become much more so. And as coaches, when we both model this view and teach our clients to bring it to others in their lives, effectiveness and connection both increase dramatically, while stress decreases. As one of the founders of the entire field of coaching, Karen holds a depth of knowledge about human development that is unsurpassed, and was one of last year's WBECS most talked about and downloaded speakers. Ann is a true thought leader in the emerging world of brain-based coaching and brings a curiosity and passion for her topic that never fails to engage you deeply. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • We shape the world by our expectations. Leaders can use this knowledge intentionally to create more engagement and productivity.
  • Helping people find their own answers and direction activates the brain for learning and growth.
  • The best leaders and coaches focus on what is possible for those they work with, not their limitations.

Effectively Influencing Decision Makers

Dr Marshal Goldsmith - WBECS
Dr Marshall Goldsmith - Voted the World's #1 Leadership Thinker by Harvard Business Review
Peter Drucker wisely noted that, "Our mission in life should be to make a positive difference – not to prove how smart we are or how right we are." In this practical and immediately applicable session, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith will begin with an analysis of how we often ignore Peter Drucker's great advice as we wander through life. He will then share very concrete suggestions on how to improve our odds on successfully influencing decision makers when we do not have direct line authority. He will then share his suggestions on how to deal with people who disagree with us when we do have line authority. Marshall believes that these concepts are among the most useful suggestions that he makes when coaching top executives. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • Understand key 'time wasters' that limit our ability to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Learn a practical process for effectively influencing decision makers.
  • Learn to 'make peace' with what you cannot change.
  • Be better able to deal with disagreement when you are the decision maker.

The 5 Principles Of Happiness At Work

Vishen Lakhiani - WBECS
SEE RECORDING Tuesday, May 21st 10:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Vishen Lakhiani - CEO and Founder of Mindvalley
*SPECIAL SESSION – Vishen is holding a full hour session for you. One of the biggest challenges that businesses face today is the war for talent. What would your business look like if you had amazing A-players competing to get in and you had your pick of the best talent in the industry? In this video, Vishen shares 5 principles and techniques that any business can apply to attract hot talent, put this talent through amazing growth and create massive productivity boosts.Warning: The solutions are unconventional and might make your HR director cringe. Vishen, though, swears by them. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • Vishen will outline 5 unconventional techniques that he's using to turn Mindvalley into the World's Greatest Workplace.

Coaching Emotions- You Listen To Words - Can You See Emotions?

Joseph O'Connor, Andrea Lages - WBECS
SEE RECORDING Wednesday, May 22nd 09:30 AM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Joseph O'Connor and Andrea Lages, Executive coaches and founders of the International Coaching Community
This session is about the felt experience of the client and coach - their emotions.We know from the latest advances in neuroscience that emotion is intimately bound with thinking and memory so they cannot be separated. Coaches pay a lot of attention to the clients' thinking, and much less to their emotional expression, mainly because they do not know the right signs to read.This session will give you clear scientific and researched models of how emotions work and how they show. From this you can be aware of, and manage client emotions with skill and increase your skill and presence as a coach. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • A psychological model of emotions and their importance in coaching
  • Being able to recognise universal emotions through facial expressions
  • Understanding micro facial expressions and linking them to emotions
  • Applying emotional awareness and management in your work as a professional coach.

The Dark Side of Coaching: Why it's time to embrace your inner Darth Vader

Michael Bungay Stanier - WBECS
SEE RECORDING Thursday, May 23rd 12:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Michael Bungay Stanier - Author of 'Do More Great Work' & the first Canadian Coach of the Year
As coaches, it's easy to identify with Luke and the rebel alliance: we're in white, we stand for good, and we help our clients overcome the challenges they face. But we all have our inner Darth Vader, the dark side to the work we do. And sometimes rather than continuing to avoid or fight against these tougher truths - about ourselves, about our clients, and about the work we do - the most powerful thing is to acknowledge and embrace them. In this short but provocative session, we're going to look in some of the darker corners of our work as coaches. You'll leave with:- New insight about the "shadow side" of coaching - Knowledge about one of the five "unspeakable truths about coaching" - A simple yet powerful exercise that can shine some light on the dark. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • New insight about the "shadow side" of coaching
  • Knowledge about one of the five "unspeakable truths about coaching"
  • A simple yet powerful exercise that can shine some light on the dark

7-Figure Online Marketing for Coaches

Brendon Burchard - WBECS
Brendon Burchard; #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and America's High Performance Coach
How coaches can leverage their knowledge, experience and expertise online for added revenue and faster client acquisition. Brendon's recent online marketing campaigns have set records in publishing, online product launches, and live video broadcast revenue. He has become the go-to marketing advisor for many of the most successful companies and celebrities in the world. Anderson Cooper calls Brendon an expert in "helping people hone their message and get the word out" about important causes and ideas that can change the world. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • Why scale is the Coach's #1 Problem
  • How to market Broadly Online, By Topic
  • How to create Automated Marketing Sequences

How Do You Coach A Person That Is Extremely More Knowledgable–And Smarter–Than You

Howard Morgan - WBECS
Howard Morgan - One of The Worlds Top 50 Coaches
Quite often, we tend to take coaching engagements that fall within our skill or knowledge base. But what happens when the person that you are coaching has both the intelligence and background makes it difficult to be the smartest person in the room on the subject? This session will focus in on the a method and techniques to use when providing value as a coach requires your skill as a coach and less to do with what you currently know. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • How to be confident working with extremely bright people
  • Finding the key coaching opportunities
  • How to win them over

5 Simple Tweaks To Get Better Results From Your Coaching Website

Ian Brodie - WBECS
SEE RECORDING Tuesday, May 28th 12:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Ian Brodie - Coach Marketing Specialist, recently voted one of Top Global Thought Leaders in Marketing and Sales
Your website is your single most important marketing tool as a coach. Yet so many coaches' websites actually cost them clients rather than winning them. In this session you'll learn 5 simple changes you can make to your website that will allow you to build credibility, nurture relationships, and get more client enquiries. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • The two very different "thought modes" potential clients come to your website with (and how you need to respond to each)
  • The number one reason most visitors "bounce" from your site after just a few seconds
  • The first thing clients look for on your site that's missing from most coaching websites
  • What sort of testimonials you need on your website (hint: 70%+ of most website testimonials are a waste of time)
  • Why most potential clients never fill in your contact form (and how to fix it)
  • The most important two things to add to your site to build a consistent flow of clients

Productivity Strategies of Superachievers - How Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump and others produce far more in less time than the rest of us

Darren Hardy - WBECS
Darren Hardy - The visionary force behind SUCCESS magazine as its Publisher and Founding Editor
*SPECIAL SESSION – Darren is holding a full hour session for you. From the thousands of printed pages and hundreds of hours of personal interviews with today's most extraordinary achievers, SUCCESS Publisher Darren Hardy identifies the 3 distinctions that make the difference between being an overwhelmed, overworked and overscheduled overachiever and being a superachiever who produces stunning results with less effort, less stress in less time, leaving lots of time to experience your hobbies and be with your family. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • The specific productivity strategies of Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Kenneth Cole, Richard Branson and Nike CEO Mark Parker
  • Understanding your Vital Signs of strategic productivity
  • Mastering your Vital Functions and core fundamentals to extraordinary achievement
  • The key to staying focused and eliminating your addiction to distraction
  • How to get yourself (and others) to DO what we know we should do—finally
  • Developing the key success habits to dramatically increase your success
  • Finding and keeping your motivation to stay consistent in the disciplines needed to succeed—long term

Leadership Makes a Difference

Barry Posner - WBECS
SEE RECORDING Wednesday, May 29th 1:00 PM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
Barry Posner - Most Trusted Source for Leadership Development
Here's the facts you need to know – leadership makes a difference. And it is all about how people behave as leaders that matters, not their personality, function, age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, and so on. This session examines the data from over a million people from around the globe about what their leaders do that that creates an engaged and committed workforce. The full summit presentation will look more deeply into what exactly people are doing when they are leading, and the implications for both leaders and their coaches alike. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • Get the facts behind what makes people engaged in their workplaces
  • Understand the importance of key leadership practices
  • Resolve the dilemma between leadership style and leadership behavior.
  • Strengthen resolve that leadership is everyone's business!

Selling To The C-Suite: How To Get The Attention Of Senior Executives (And Keep It)

Ago Cluytens - WBECS
SEE RECORDING Thursday, May 30th 11:00 AM (EDT) SHOW IN MY TIME
AGO CLUYTENS: One of The World's Foremost Experts On "Winning The Complex Sale" – Selling high end professional services to CxOs in the Fortune-500

Ask 100 executive coaches (and other high-end advisors) about which type of client they would love to do more work with, and 90 will tell you the same thing.

Senior executives and the C-suite.

It’s the Holy Grail. To be perceived as a trusted advisor and build long-term relationships with senior people inside blue chip corporations.

Understandable. It’s where the action is. Where the money is. Where decisions are made. Where impact is made. But getting there is far from easy. What worked yesterday no longer works today.

The economic outlook, corporate restructuring, cost containment measures, the changing attitude to risk and shifting buying patterns have all come together and created the perfect storm.

Many executives coaches struggle to keep the relationships they have, let alone build new ones.

But there is a small minority of high-end executive coaches and advisors that are successfully building new relationships, securing new business and doing the work they love - with clients they love.

What’s the difference ? In this session, you will learn:

  • The Business Case: Why You (Really) Want To Sell To The C-Suite
  • Why Executives Not Just Are Different – But Think Different
  • 5 Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Even Set Foot In The Door
  • The Golden Gate: 6 Things You’ll Need To Be Invited Into The C-Suite
  • The 7 Biggest Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling To Executives
  • A Proven Step-By-Step Approach To Building Your Prospecting A-List

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