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June 13 - 28, 2013

How To Become More Successful
as a Business or Executive Coach

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41 Coaching Industry Thought Leaders
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Nothing Else Compares to the World Business and Executive Coach Summit
  • Michael Major

    "As a student coach, I found the content covered extremely valuable. To hear the views and experiences of the world class speakers at the Summit assisted me to open up my thinking and expectations of coaching as a career. Fantastic experience."

  • Bronwyn Green

    "The Summit Pace was right on...content incredibly valuable and immediately useful. I'm inspired to expand some of my own work and brought greater clarity to what I am currently doing."

  • David Allan

    "WBECS over delivered in all its promises. I went away from each training session with practical and inspiring actionable steps to implement in my own practice."

  • Dr. Maynard Brusman

    "An exceptional gathering of speakers and numerous sessions. The Summit was an incredible learning experience for me."

  • J Daniel Hollinger, PhD, CPC

    "The experts delivered high quality presentations. The Full Summit was very well organized and covered a wide range of topics at a very affordable price."

  • Lincoln Tatnall

    "With this "summit" there was no 'sales pitch.' I felt I received tremendous value from the educators in the summit. I would definitely attend again."

  • Bill Price

    WBECS empowers Executive Coaches toward personal excellence."

  • Susan Stitt

    "I appreciate your brilliance and dedication to bringing such top-notch speakers and thought leaders together. This was well worth the money – and in fact, I'll pay more for the next one! This is truly an innovative idea and one that is executed flawlessly."

  • Susan Stitt

    "I appreciate your brilliance and dedication to bringing such top-notch speakers and thought leaders together. This was well worth the money – and in fact, I'll pay more for the next one! This is truly an innovative idea and one that is executed flawlessly."

  • Laura Kessler

    "This year I expanded internationally so... the best takeaway was being able to very quickly get a feel for the Executive Coaching environment in Europe and other countries outside of North America."


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Here’s How We Are Going To Change Your Experience As A Coach

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to Grow Your Coaching Business

Counting Coach Education (CCE) International Coach Federation

I understand when I enroll in the World Business and Executive Summit I will receive:

  • Live Access to all June Sessions with The Top Trainers in the World.
  • Your admission grants entry to member portal with special access to register for the Full Summit Sessions.
  • Full Summit Admission Ticket qualifies you for up to 56.5 Continued Coach Education CCE units.
  • All of these amazing teachers with zero pitching and hype-free so you can relax and focus on learning from the best.
  • Special Panel Discussions and Live Question and Answer sessions With The Masters.
  • Once a session is complete, all recordings become available for review in the exclusive WBECS Attendee Portal.
  • Access to session materials that are available for a particular session such as video Recordings, PDF transcripts, and PPT slides, and all related materials are exclusive to ticket holders.
  • You can catch up on any sessions you may have missed and review sessions that were particularly useful to you.
  • Inside the Attendee Member Portal you can download the videos, podcast mp3 files and all related materials for your own archives or to review offline plus many other benefits and surprises to improve your coaching business.
  • Access to the exclusive WBECS Business and Executive Coach community
  • WBECS APP to easily connect on-the-go

Plus here’s how WBECS can help you grow and succeed:

  • You can get more clients.
  • You can command higher prices.
  • You can get better results for you clients.
  • How to turn your clients into your biggest fans.
  • How to set up your referral machine.
  • How to structure your sessions so your clients get the most benefits.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs in coaching.
  • Develop incredible coaching skills so you don’t feel nervous dealing with clients.
  • How to develop higher levels of coaching for your current clients.
  • How to develop tight connections with your clients so they’ll never leave.
  • Focused networking with some of the most successful coaches in the world…
  • Direct, straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth information about the latest tools techniques, strategies, tactics and innovations… that are moving the industry forward…
  • New skills to help you generate more ( and higher quality) coaching leads…
  • New skills to help you convert more of those coaching leads to paying clients…
  • Powerful strategies to help you retain clients longer…
  • New coaching paradigms that will help you get better results, faster, for your clients…
  • Sophisticated coaching skills that eliminate struggle and strain from your coaching relationships…
  • Innovative ways to increase your income streams — so that your paycheck isn’t directly tied to the clock…
  • Learn at your own pace and really MASTER the material, thanks to the ability to play and replay all the sessions per your needs…

Act quickly and gain all of these benefits and tremendous value!
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The Best Part is... 100% Hype & Pitch Free

That’s right, all of these amazing teachers are brought to you in an event
with ZERO PITCHING ALLOWED, so you can relax and focus on learning from the best
The ALL STARS of the industry are sharing exactly what’s working today to help you:
RECHARGE your own batteries after a year of educating, inspiring, and leading your clients.
ATTRACT more clients during a difficult economic climate.
DISCOVERcutting edge strategies to help your clients to new levels of success.
MOTIVATEyour clients to follow your suggestions and succeed.
This is our third year doing this summit we want you to join us.
You can see the caliber of our guest presenters and the exciting sessions they will be bringing you.
Experiencing the summit will definitely boost your coaching business.
With Your Full Summit Ticket you gain access to these benefits:
  • All the Valuable Pre-Summit series in MAY
  • Each of the World Class LIVE Full Summit sessions in JUNE
  • RECORDINGS of all sessions and if applicable, the presentation slides
  • Attendance Qualifies you for CCEU credits
  • Transcripts to all Full Sessions for those of you that like to learn by reading
  • A Podcast audio of sessions for those of you that like to learn on the go
  • Access to the exclusive WBECS Business/Executive Coach community
  • WBECS app to easily connect on-the-go
Act quickly and gain all of these benefits with your admission. Full Summit Ticket Price is $697. Get your ticket now!

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You can attend the first half of the summit and then decide if it’s right for you. If you don’t feel you’re getting 10 times the value you paid, you can simply ask for a quick and courteous refund.