Hendre Coetzee

- Global Executive Coach and Founder of the Center for Advanced Coaching
- Author of the 90-Day Turn System Coaching Program

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Hendre Coetzee is a Global Executive Coach and Founder of the Center for Advanced Coaching.


The Center for Advanced Coaching offers the very best advanced coaching tools to people developers globally, offerings include learning experiences on Advanced Sales Coaching Mastery and the Neuroscience of Change and Transformation.


He is the author of the 90-Day Turn System Coaching Program suite that on-boards, revitalizes and repositions executives in a powerful structured process. This coaching structure has been used by Fortune 500 companies and dedicated consulting services firms to create a custom in-house coaching processes for Sales, Engineering, IT and HR teams.


He has also served as interim COO and Lead Facilitator for the Behavioral Coaching Institute to train Master Coaches around the world in the recent past.


Hendre has over 20 years of experience working within the corporate as well as social justice, non-profit, relief and development worlds. Hendre has diverse experience that varies from working as a facilitator for the integration between black and white youth in post Apartheid South Africa to negotiating mergers for large financial institutions to developing performance-training modules for High Performing Traders that trade on the NYSE and NASDAQ. Hendre is an expert in facilitating and training on conflict resolution and mediation. He has extensive experience in hi-tech and the finance sector.


Hendre graduated from Johannesburg University with Bachelor Honors Degrees in Ancient Studies, Theology and the Philosophy of Leadership. Hendre worked in Europe for four years in both the non-profit and private sectors designing organizational transformation programs. He is also social entrepreneur and successfully founded a hi-tech venture Mobile Cause. He serves on several boards and focuses his attention on Developing Leaders in Fortune 100 companies and working with exec teams in Hi Tech Ventures in Silicon Valley.


Hendre’s coaching clients have included executives from Disney, Revlon, ABC Television Network, Allianz Insurance, TŨV SŨD, Edward Jones Financial, Kershner Trading Group, World Vision International, The Virgin Group and Christian and Timbers among others.


The team of the 2014 World Business and Executive Coach Summit gratefully thanks Hendre for his participation in the largest annual coaching event!

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