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WBECS 2016
SUMMIT - Sessions
begin June 13th 2016

Gain instant access to the top 5 highest rated sessions of WBECS 2016 - completely pitch-free with world-class coaching tools, frameworks and methodologies from Judith E. Glaser, Lisa Ann Edwards, Dr David Drake, Srini Pillay and Rich Litvin.


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WBECS creates transformational results

The coaching industry's largest and most impactful even includes only the best of the best such as Marshall Goldsmith, Judith E. Glaser, Carol Kauffman, Dr David Drake, Henry and Karen Kimsey-House, Mark Thompson, David Peterson.. And many more.

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Within 6 years we received over 1200 testimonials!!!
Below you can check some of them

First Class

The WBECS team, event resources, and support of presenters is first class. Hard to imagine a better-orchestrated experience for all of us, bringing thousands of coaches together with the latest ideas and models from thought leaders.

Margaret Moore, , Founder/CEO, Wellcoaches Corporation

Enormously helpful service

As a participant, there were so many wonderful sessions to choose from with bits of wisdom and practical applications that I will use to improve my coaching and my business for years. I also appreciate how easy it was to access recordings after the presentations to fit my busy schedule. WBECS provides an enormously helpful service for the global coaching community. It is important for me to keep up on the latest research in coaching and behavioral change but traveling and just plain busyness makes it hard. The WBECS was a shot in the arm for great information, ideas, and current studies and thought. The sessions will keep me fueled for the year. The program just keeps getting better!

Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC, past global president of the ICF

A true blessing

Not only have I had a fantastic experience, my friend, Alan Mulally (former CEO of Ford and CEO of the Year in the US) also had a wonderful experience.  Any help that I can give to the coaches who participate in WBECS is a true blessing for me.  What can be better than helping people who help people?  WBECS provides the best forum for coaches that I could ever imagine!

Marshall Goldsmith, Executive Coach and author of the New York Times #1 Bestseller, Triggers.

Upgrade your business by learning from the best, for free! Join us now

Introducing WBECS 2016

WBECS is the world’s biggest online business and executive coach training to accelerate business growth and success. Here are 3 reasons why choosing WBECS will be your sustainable competitive advantage:

1. Improved Skills Higher Level Clients

Educating yourself and receiving the very best training available in the marketplace will allow you to sign on and retain much higher level clients. You will be more in demand as a coach and rise to the top tier of your specific industry - thanks to your next level coaching skills and the extraordinary results you will therefore achieve for your clients. Other coaches have reported back to us that because of attending WBECS, they signed 6-figure deals, got hired by huge consulting organizations and other dream clients. That’s how powerful our trainings are.

2. More Confidence More Success

Especially if you’re working with leaders, CEOs and teams, having the certainty that you’ll always provide the tools and skills required in any challenging situation will give you a much greater sense of confidence. Which in return leads to more success for you as a coach, since you’ll enable yourself to make fast, smart decisions, take immediate action and show up as the trusted advisor your clients need.

3. Deeper Knowledge Greater Impact

A deeper knowledge of the tools, techniques and frameworks the most successful coaches and top thought-leaders use to achieve results will allow you to replicate the strategy and achieve the same results with your clients. This is not only your key to taking your own business to the next level, but will also enable you to make a much greater, positive impact by efficiently creating sustainable results for your clients. Over and over again.

What our Keynote speakers say about WBECS

Memorable, high quality event

“WBECS 2015 offered a plethora of topics, practical tools and opportunities to learn from the experience of experts in the field. A memorable event offering high-quality food for thought and a positive challenge to put the new learning into practice – highly recommandable!”

 Ewa Bortowska,

Inspiring new methods

“Having an abundance of inspiration recharged my batteries and provides lots of material for processing over the next several months. WBECS makes it easy to do that follow up thinking and processing.”    

Bob Nogue,

Refreshing Experience

“This was by far the best of the online experiences I have had. This was simply great information from excellent coaches talking about what they do. What a refreshing experience!”      

Darci Heroy,

The sessions were addictive!

“The experience and wisdom of presenters was both enlightening and inspirational. A wonderful summit, I couldn’t stop listening to sessions, even when I was on holiday! Thank you, the whole pre summit and summit was very impressive. Great to have the recordings as time differences often prevented real time participation from Australia. Materials provided by experts for use with clients.”   

Liz Harris,

WBECS has improved my coaching techniques on so many levels

“The more challenging concepts were thoughtfully prepared to make them accessible in my business as a leadership, team, and culture coach. I started applying the concepts and tools immediately with my clients. I finally had the opportunity to hear speakers who I have been interested in for some time now.”

Karen Radtke,

So much to gain, nothing to lose

“The tools and resources gained from the WBECS are priceless and immeasurable when it comes to my professional development as a coach. The quality and cost are untouchable.”

Henry Lescault,

World-Class coaching lessons

“This conference packs a major punch. I felt as if I had had 2 semesters of coaching school, intensively packed into a short timeframe with an extended benefit of having world-class teachers showing me the way.” 

Denise P. Kalm,

Essential if you want to keep on top of the coaching game

“WBECS 2015 provided me with several years worth of quality content I’m already applying to my coaching practice. Having access to all of the presentations in a range of formats will keep me “upping my game” all the way to WBECS 2016!” 

Tim Ressmeyer,


With WBECS 2016

The World’s Largest Online Event for Coaches