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6th World Business And Executive Coach Summit

WBECS 2016 - The Summit

What exactly is WBECS?

With more than 18,000 attendees from 149 Countries in 2015, WBECS is the world's largest online gathering of business and executive coaches. Our aim and mission is to consistently deliver outstanding value, provide the most cutting-edge content in the industry, help increase the overall quality of coaching provision and raise the bar for the entire profession as a result.


Each day during the summit there are 2-4 sessions you can attend. Each session is live and packed with the most cutting-edge tools, frameworks and methodologies from the Coaching Industry's top minds and thought leaders. You can attend them all, or choose only the ones that are most relevant to you. WBECS is proud to be a completely pitch-free event -we only deliver 100% high-value content to help you grow your coaching business and serve your clients on a higher level.




Where does it take place?

WBECS is a digital online event. That means you don’t even have to leave the comfort of our own home or office in order to get access to more than 80 powerful sessions from our world-class speakers. The main sessions will be held live in a webinar format and as a WBECS ticket holder you’ll also get access to video and audio recordings, transcripts, slides and professional notes for each of our sessions! You can conveniently learn whenever you want, wherever you want and as many times as you want.


Where can I find the full schedule and list of presenters?

Click here to get a full overview of our world-class speakers and their sessions - including date and time!



What are the Implementation Mastery Sessions?

The Implementation Mastery Sessions (IMS) are a brand new feature of WBECS 2016! For the first time ever we’re giving you as our attendee the opportunity to connect, engage and deepen your learning experience during these laser focused breakout sessions in smaller groups. You’ll get together with other coaches from all across the globe to learn more about the practical application of all the tools, methodologies and frameworks provided during selected main sessions so that you can go and implement them with your own clients right away. We will have a range of topics for each session that will dive deeper into specific content surrounding what you will learn from the session thought-leader.



More details will be announced soon about how you can sign up for these incredible sessions!



How is WBECS different from other Coaching Events?

The coaching industry is changing and evolving at a rapid pace and there is an overwhelming load of information available in the marketplace. WBECS main mission is to cut through the clutter to help coaches identify the most profound and impactful information in the marketplace that truly makes a difference to them and their clients. We don’t deliver fluff, vague or general information, but only specific and actionable tools, methodologies and frameworks that create tangible and outstanding results for coaches in their business as well as every single one of their clients!


Each year, we offer a wide range of powerful yet complimentary Pre-Summit Sessions - which are comparable to a series of TED talks - that allow coaches to “try before they buy” and experience the outstanding value the WBECS Sessions provide.


We bring together the pre-eminent experts and thought leaders in the Business and Executive Coaching industry, covering a variety of the most effective, innovative and powerful coaching disciplines available today.



I am new to coaching (or a veteran) is this applicable to me?

Whether you are new to the coaching profession or an experienced coach, if you want easier access to cutting-edge coaching tools, frameworks and methodologies that you can use to instantly uplevel the quality of your coaching provision, then WBECS is absolutely right for you! We bring the experts and thought leaders in the business and executive coaching industry together so that they can present their most valuable content to you!
Joining the summit will allow you to…


  • Gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Learn new skills to help you generate more, and higher quality, coaching leads
  • Convert your leads into premium, long-term clients and retain them
  • Connect and network with some of the most successful coaches in the world
  • Cut through the clutter of information and get access to the latest tools techniques, strategies, tactics and innovations that are moving the industry forward
  • Get better results for your clients within less time
  • Gain confidence in your ability as a coach and expert
  • Increase your income streams in innovative ways - so that your paycheck isn't directly tied to the clock
  • Learn at your own pace and really MASTER the material, thanks to the ability to play and replay all the sessions per your needs...
  • Enjoy all of this from the comfort of your own home or office without having to disrupt your workflow and go through the hassle of expensive traveling
  • And so much more


Click here to find out how you can secure your spot at WBECS 2016!



Does WBECS offer any other programs or just the summit?

WBECS is currently running Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches with Judith E. Glaser - a progressive course based on the neuroscience of conversations from the industry leading expert in the field.


You can find out all the details for C-IQ for Coaches by clicking here!


WBECS is in the development of multiple programs to cover a range of needs identified by the Coaching Community as areas of interest and will be releasing programs, retreats and different online learning platforms beginning at the end of 2016. We work with the most desired coaches in the industry to develop learning experiences that will truly uplevel your business, no matter where you are based in the world. As part of the WBECS Community, you will be the first to know about all new opportunities as they become available.

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