Individual coaching in the business sphere is at an all-time peak of acceptance and utilization within organizations.

With the world changing so rapidly, all eyes are turning to the horizon. Coaches must encourage leaders to become more team-centric.

The question is: how?

In this absorbing video, Tammy Turner identifies that there are currently no set competencies for Team Coaching. Therefore, coaching professionals find themselves, for the first time, in a position to set the precedent for the future.

Discover the various elements that make Team Coaching a unique and much-needed solution to tomorrow’s challenges. Much more than just a passing trend, building robust, cohesive teams asks coaches to consider:
  • How do teams learn together?

  • Group vs individual constructs

  • Initiating a collective mindshift

  • Creating an environment of psychological safety

  • Silos vs Team Cross-pollination

  • What is the nature of interdependence?

  • How to leverage personal difference and experience for collective success

Tammy explores these concepts and more, providing a deeper understanding of all the considerations Team Coaching demands, and how to help your clients maximise their collective effectiveness.

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Tammy Turner

Certified Coaching Supervisor & Key-Note Speaker

As a thought leader in the coaching industry, Tammy Turner, MCC, has extensive experience coaching teams and groups, from boards to C-Suite executives and their teams to intercultural project group enhancing their impact to the wider organisation. She has designed and delivered strategic business initiatives aligned with sustainable organizational change and has over 10,000 face-to-face hours.

Since 2001, Tammy has worked with industry and government decision makers and their teams around the world, helping them develop the skills they need to thrive in an environment where survival is not enough. Having mentored and supervised many hundreds of coaches, she works with them to engender and enhance the attributes required to make a measurable difference to organisations and their people.