The Business Development Academy for Coaches
Counterintuitive Secrets to Growing Your Coaching Business Masterclass

This masterclass helps you get more great coaching clients quickly. It shows you how to attract the right types of clients – and how to filter out the ones that won’t help your business grow. Learn how to grow your coaching business quickly – even if you don’t like selling.

Get the strategies and tactics to approach and sell to potential clients with confidence and ease, all without feeling like an inauthentic version of yourself.

This masterclass will completely shift your mindset, making you excited about selling rather than dreading it.

This masterclass marks the historic launch of the Business Development Academy For Coaches – the destination for growing your coaching practice, building your brand, and creating a long-term sustainable business.

Learn more about the Counterintuitive Secrets to Growing Your Coaching Business Masterclass with the World’s #1 Business Development Coaches, Dorie Clark and Alisa Cohn, by clicking the button below:


Accelerating Coach Excellence

Accelerating Coach Excellence (ACE) brings together 2 of the greatest minds in coaching – David Peterson (former Head of Coaching and Leadership at Google) and David Goldsmith (coaching industry pioneer and Executive Director of 7 Paths Forward).  

David & David joined forces with WBECS to design a learning experience that helps coaches get to their desired level of success faster, develop a deeper understanding of their craft and strengthen their skills to create high levels of impact for their clients.

Registration for the ACE program has closed. In the meantime, you can join David and David in live monthly meet-ups providing fresh perspectives on coaching that will keep you sharp, relevant, and on top of emerging trends.


Coaching Certification

This program is the next level of learning for Breakthrough Coaching Enhanced Graduates. It’s specifically designed to help graduates take their learning deeper and facilitate sustained, transformative change – both in their clients and their practice.

Breakthrough Coaching Certification helps coaches achieve a level of mastery beyond most others in the industry. Participants develop profound coaching skills, so they can have a deeper impact on all clients – even the most resistant and difficult ones – and expand their business, too.  

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and Executive Coach Summit

Every year, WBECS teams up with world class executive coaching experts to create an interactive, digital learning experience that provides a variety of dynamic and cutting edge coaching disciplines for you to explore.
At The World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS), you get direct access to brilliant minds and coaching industry leaders, year-round. Join today to benefit from a fully flexible, digital learning experience of wisdom and resources – all 100% pitch-free.

The 2021 Pre-Summit is now open. You can check which awesome sessions we have below.


GTCI Practitioner Level Certification

Practitioner in Team Coaching is a groundbreaking certification program from the Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI), a global educational center dedicated to Team Coaching. It’s specifically designed for team coaches who want to significantly enhance their skillset. Participants will develop their own, advanced signature approach to team coaching.

This program’s practical learning approach follows the stages of a team coaching engagement from beginning to ongoing, helping you to transform functional teams into dynamic units that can double or triple impact and value for stakeholders.

Learn more about GTCI Practitioner Level Certification with team coaching experts Prof. Peter Hawkins and Prof. David Clutterbuck by clicking the button below: