As Team Coaching continues to become more prevalent within our industry, Professor David Clutterbuck seeks to dissect all it entails.

Models designed for top-level teams may not translate easily to teams further down the corporate ladder.

With that in mind, David has developed
a new model for coaches to apply when working with teams.

In this video, David examines the various challenges teams are facing as they move away from traditional, heroic CEO leadership, and towards working as a truly collaborative, cohesive unit.

Aside from the main pillars of the model itself, this compelling presentation asks:

  • What motivates a team as opposed to the individual?
  • How can external and internal processes be modified to facilitate the team ethic?
  • What helps and hinders coaching in teams?
  • How do you make diversity a team performance enhancer?
  • What are the characteristics of high-performing teams?
  • How do you build team trust?

David poses these questions and more, taking you through the thought process that will help you and your clients formulate impactful solutions.

The PERILL model is an exploration of the key factors that will enable your clients to unite teams as one.

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David Clutterbuck

Leading Authority In Developmental Coaching & Mentoring

Professor David Clutterbuck is one of Europe's most prolific and well-known management writers and thinkers. He has written some 70 books and hundreds of articles on cutting edge management themes. Co-founder of The European Mentoring and Coaching Council, for which he is now lifetime Special Ambassador, David leads a global network of trainer-consultant-researchers, Coaching and Mentoring International.

David is perhaps best-known in recent years for his work on mentoring, on which he consults around the world. His many books on mentoring and coaching include the classic Everyone needs a mentor, as well as Learning Alliances, Mentoring in Action, Mentoring executives and directors, Techniques in Coaching and Mentoring, and Making Coaching Work, Coaching Teams at Work and Beyond Goals.