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Dr. Relly Nadler

  • World-Leading Psychologist, Author & MCC

Dr. Relly Nadler Biography

Dr. Relly Nadler is a psychologist and Master Certified Coach (MCC). He has been coaching CEO’s and their teams for over 20 years. He is the author of 6 popular books on leadership and team building. Leading with Emotional Intelligence has 108 tools and checklist for leaders to employ in their coaching. Relly has a popular blog on Psychology Today since 2011 focusing on applied Emotional Intelligence tools.

His Leadership Keys are used today as a desk reference for executives to improve their performance. He has trained thousands of coaches, since 2001 as a faculty at the College of Executive Coaching.

Relly’s clients have included America Honda, Anheuser-Busch, Anthem, BMW, Baxter Healthcare, Coca- Cola, Comcast, DreamWorks Animation, General Motors Defense, NBC Universal, Union Bank, US Navy, and Vanguard Healthcare.As a co-host with Dr. Cathy Greenberg of “Leadership Development News” an internet weekly radio show on VoiceAmerica, with over 1 million downloads in the last 4 years, he has interviewed over 300 leaders, authors and consultants about their secrets of success

Dr. Relly Nadler Photo

Dr. Relly Nadler

  • World-Leading Psychologist, Author & MCC

Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Tools and Tips for Top Performance

Session length: 90 minutes

2020-02-13T17:00:00-05:00 Thursday, February 13th 17:00 EDT

We know Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the main success factor for being a top performer when compared with IQ and technical expertise. The question coaches and leaders have is: What do they do to improve their EI?

This session will focus on tools coaches can pass onto their clients to lead with more emotional intelligence.

Leaders demonstrate their Emotional Intelligence in relationship moments, often in 3-5-minute interactions. These micro-initiatives can create a macro-impact. Given the “crazy business” of most leaders, they want simple tools or templates that they can employ in the moment. In addition, what behaviors to avoid to not derail. We will explore multiple hands-on tools that coaches can use in their next coaching session.

One tool explores a paradigm shift from what employees want from their boss and what they actually get from their boss. Another tool looks at 5 steps how leaders can launch a project and how to hold employees accountable. Also, we will explore a tool that improves two critical EI Competencies: Self-awareness and Self-control.

Key Learning Takeaways

  1. Learn how mastering the moment is critical for EI success.
  2. Learn behaviors that lead to derailment.
  3. Learn tools to improve leadership, self-awareness and self-control.