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Jean-Francois Cousin

  • Global Executive Coach & 2019 Chairman of the Global Board of the ICF

Jean-Francois Cousin Biography

Jean-François Cousin became a global executive coach in 2006, in the wake of a career in management around the world with a Fortune-500 company.

By June ’18, he had clocked 10,000 coaching-hours, served over 800 executives and dozens of executive teams, travelling to 35 countries / 5 continents to work with them.

Accredited as a ‘Master Certified Coach’ by the International Coach Federation, the highest distinction in the profession, Jean-François coaches CEOs, Region and Country Presidents and Board Members, most often on executive leadership development, on-boarding and role transition, organizational & cultural change management, strategic planning and cross-cultural leadership.

Jean-François also regularly facilitates or coaches executive teams, notably on trust and productive conflict, effective collaboration, staff engagement, organizational agility, strategy, cultural alignment and change management.

Jean-François works with executives from all types of industries and you can see some of his clients at

Jean-François serves as the Chairman of the Global Board of the International Coach Federation (‘ICF’) in 2019.

The ICF is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards and providing independent certification. It counts close to 35,000 members and 151 local chapters in over 70 countries.

Jean-François’ first career was in management around the world with a Fortune-500 company, where he served in senior leadership positions in Asia and in Europe. In his final corporate assignment, he was in charge of the strategy for one of the 4 Divisions of Lafarge, where he helped to anchor solid internal and external growth for the €2bn business, and coached Country Presidents in the 5 continents.

Jean-François is also a speaker and a published author. Marshall Goldsmith wrote about his latest book ‘Game Changers at the Circus: how leaders can unleash Greatness in organizations’: “[this] book is full of surprises – many counterintuitive ideas that can help leaders change even the most stagnant and inflexible organizations into thriving, dynamic performers.” Jean-François has co-authored several other books, and regularly writes columns for and offers interviews to the media.

Jean-François is recognized for his tenacious focus on securing meaningful shifts and results for his clients, for his ability to understand the environment and challenges of his coachees quickly (leveraging his previous experience in a variety of management roles), identify the ‘must-win battles’ with laser-like accuracy, and relentlessly support his Clients to make a positive difference in what matters most. His sensitivity to cultural differences is an asset he developed throughout his international corporate career.

Jean-François leverages both the Western coaching approach and Asian wisdoms as he helps his Clients unleash more of their personal greatness and enhance their leadership qualities. Jean-François coaches the ‘whole’ of the Client to sustainable outcomes.

As a result, his Clients bring out their best and inspire others to bring out their best as well, both individually and in teams. As leaders work with Jean-François along the coaching process, their influence grows and they see engagement, collaboration and agility soaring within their teams, and beyond -as stakeholders become inspired too-.

Jean-Francois Cousin Photo

Jean-Francois Cousin

  • Global Executive Coach & 2019 Chairman of the Global Board of the ICF

10 insights and 10 tips to coach at your very best, harvested over 10,000 coaching-hours

Session length: 45 minutes

2019-06-19T09:00:00-04:00 Wednesday, June 19th 9:00 EDT

What overwhelms you as you pass the 10,000 coaching-hours milestone?

Gratitude, most certainly!

Gratitude to the Clients you have had the privilege to serve and to learn so much from.

Gratitude for the thousands of mistakes you have done as a coach and the lessons they taught you.

Gratitude to our beautiful Profession and to all colleagues, mentors or supervisors who inspired and supported you along the journey.
And what emerges next?

The desire to pay it forward, notably by sharing your most important insights and tips about how to ‘be’ as a coach in a session to unleash the Client’s greatest progress and fulfilment.

In this session, I will offer 10 insights and hands-on advice to coach masterfully, and 10 practical tips to help (new and not so new) coaches overcome their insecurities and support their Clients with greater ease and success.

At the full-summit, I will offer a coaching demo that will “probably” leverage some of those insights and tips... “Probably”... for we can’t ever know what will happen in a session, can we? And that keeps it all riveting!

Key Learning Takeaways

  1. Identify your way of ‘being’ as a coach in sessions that help to unleash your Clients’ greatest progress and fulfilment.
  2. 10 insights derived from 10,000 coaching-hours, and hands-on advice to coach masterfully.
  3. 10 practical tips for (new and not so new) coaches, to overcome your insecurities as a coach and support your Clients with greater ease and success.
Jean-Francois Cousin Photo

Jean-Francois Cousin

  • Global Executive Coach & 2019 Chairman of the Global Board of the ICF

Live Coaching Demonstration and Experience-Sharing with Jean-Francois Cousin, MCC

Session length: 90 minutes

2019-10-17T09:00:00-04:00 Thursday, October 17th 9:00 EDT

In his pre-summit session, Jean-Francois Cousin, MCC, offered “10 insights and 10 tips to coach at your very best”, harvested over 10,000 coaching-hours.

Find out if and how they play out, as Jean-Francois coaches a client live!

And then engage into a discussion and experience-sharing about:

  • what is our (way of) ‘being’ as a coach when our Clients access to their deepest insights in a session?
  • what limiting beliefs do we need to let go of, so that our way of coaching becomes most effective?
  • what can we do when we feel ‘stuck’ or clueless or when we do a ‘mistake’ in a session?
  • how can we accelerate our growth as coaches, hold ourselves to ever-higher standards and amplify the positive impact of our coaching?
  • how can we enhance our global credibility as coaches?

Key Learning Takeaways

  1. Gain further clarity about your own (way of) ‘being’ as a coach that best help your Clients to gain deep insights.
  2. Learn how to overcome the feeling of being ‘stuck’ or clueless and how to rebound from making a ‘mistake’ in a session.
  3. Know how to accelerate your growth as a coach, hold yourself to ever higher standards and amplify the positive impact of your coaching