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LaTonya Wilkins

  • Global Culture Leader & Founder of The Change Coaches

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As a global culture leader, facilitator, coach and speaker, LaTonya helps people, organizations and entrepreneurs reach new heights. She believes in the power of vulnerability, authentic conversations and honest feedback. LaTonya has over 15 years of experience working with Fortune 100 companies, higher education, tech and consulting firms and executive leadership teams.

LaTonya leads with a vision. In her ideal world, workplaces would be completely equitable and inclusive. In her white paper “Coaching Your Way to Success: Using Coaching to Engage Underrepresented Groups at Work,” LaTonya discusses how to leverage coaching to achieve this vision. Progress is being made, but it’s not happening fast enough.

LaTonya’s vision inspires her to write, speak and lead workshops about topics such as organizational culture & change, inclusion, leadership, diversity and coaching. She is currently the President of the True Star Youth Foundation board, which is a digital marketing social entrepreneurship company run entirely by youth that recently received a Google Impact Award.

LaTonya Wilkins Photo

LaTonya Wilkins

  • Global Culture Leader & Founder of The Change Coaches

Coaching People That Are Different From You - Common Missteps and How to Avoid Them

Session length: 90 minutes

2019-10-10T09:00:00-04:00 Thursday, October 10th 9:00 EDT

Calling all coaches!

Do you find yourself coaching people that are different from you? Perhaps they are of a different age, race, gender identity or sexual orientation.  As coaches, we pride ourselves on asking questions and listening so being different shouldn’t matter, right? Well, not exactly. We are still human.

In this highly interactive session, you will learn how to apply my science-based approaches to build thriving client relationships. You will also learn common missteps that humans take when interacting with people different from ourselves and how to recognize and avoid these missteps. This session will be highly interactive so come ready to participate!

Key Learning Takeaways

  1. How Unconscious Bias can hinder your coaching relationships.
  2. Common Missteps Taken When Coaching People That are Different.
  3. How to Recognize Missteps and Successfully Coach People that Are Different.