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Lisa Ann Edwards

  • Talent Development Expert & Thought Leader behind Coaching with ROI

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Lisa Ann Edwards, leading expert in the field of coaching, possesses a unique skill-set — cultivating excellence in others while delivering tangible results. Her specialized ability to provide measurable return on investment for clients has demonstrated upwards of 251% ROI, and lifted employee engagement nearly 20%. Lisa is the globally acknowledged pioneer and thought leader on Coaching with ROI, a methodology she developed specifically for coaches to deliver measurable and tangible results in a traditionally unmeasured space, elevating the perception, impact, and importance of coaching worldwide.

A featured speaker at 60+ universities and professional associations around the world, Lisa has presented to noteworthy audiences including: Columbia University, International Coaching Federation’s tour of India, Executive Leadership of Training Magazine’s tour of China, the World Business and Executive Coach Summit’s (WBECS) Conference, The Conference Board and International Coach Federation Global Conference, and more. She has trained more coaches how to measure, evaluate, and demonstrate the monetary impact of coaching than any other and has authored, co-authored or contributed to over 15 publications, translated into more than 4 languages.

As a globally respected collaborator, author, speaker, and educator, Lisa has partnered with WBECS, the renowned authority on executive coaching, to bring to internal and external coaches, worldwide. She has developed a robust portfolio of over 70 tools for coaches to use to measure and communicate coaching performance, with 98% positive participant feedback and likelihood to refer others to her programs, and has educated over 10,000 coaches globally. She drives authentic and evidenced change in people and organizations, with a client roster comprised of a celebrity CEO, Fortune 500 companies, and globally recognized giants in technology, aerospace, travel, financial services, education, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Lisa has changed the landscape of coaching as a result of her diverse background in science, business, and psychology. Research driven, her graduate degree in Experimental Psychology nurtured a meaningful foundation for study and analysis of human behavior. During her studies, she conducted research on individual differences in emotional understanding and expression. Lisa’s current research is focused on understanding how people become catalysts of change in the workplace, and the primary levers for success in coaching. Her education, and research are met with her keen business experience and acumen. These three disciplines fostered her groundbreaking developments in coaching with ROI.

For over 18 years Lisa has been coaching individuals in effecting positive change. Her expertise in talent development is based on more than 15 years’ experience in the printing and publishing, media and technology industries, as well as her consulting work with Fortune 500 companies. As head of Talent Management for Corbis, a Bill Gates’ privately owned global media company, Lisa designed and implemented leadership development and coaching programs to establish talent engagement and improve retention, while cultivating a talent pipeline.

Lisa’s passion to help others succeed extends from her professional life to her personal. She has created coaching programs for women transitioning out of poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, and prison, and continues to be a mentor for emerging coaches in their professional development. Her current pro bono work includes evaluating the impact of the International Coaching Federation Foundation’s coaching work in collaboration with the United Nations.

Lisa Ann Edwards Photo

Lisa Ann Edwards

  • Talent Development Expert & Thought Leader behind Coaching with ROI

The Big Reveal: Insights from the World’s Largest Coaching ROI Study

Session length: 90 minutes

2020-03-19T17:00:00-04:00 Thursday, March 19th 17:00 EDT

Measurement of coaching has evolved from simple measures of client satisfaction, to monetary impact and now to sophisticated use of data analytics. In this session, you’ll learn what data says actually leads to financial impact… and it may not be what you expect.

This session will share findings of nearly 2 years of data collection and predictive analysis from two bodies of research, including the World’s Largest Coaching ROI Study.

Key Learning Takeaways

  1. Insights into what data shows leads to behavior change.
  2. Insights into what data shows leads to financial impact.
  3. Key steps coaches can take today to ensure their client engagements produce the highest level of results.