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Marilyn O'Hearne

  • Globally-recognised Expert Coach, Mentor & Author

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Marilyn’s vision is that every human being deserves the opportunity to achieve full potential, to prosper and live in peace. She believes that expanding potential, including Cultural Intelligence, results in reduced conflict while also boosting prosperity and peace. Through her work, breakthrough changes are achieved in individual, team and organizational results through renewing vision and focus leading to sustainable goal attainment rather than burn out and loss of talent.

Marilyn has served as an NGO leader in Brazil and an Organizational Behavior and International Business University Adjunct Professor in Hong Kong and Malaysia. A lifelong learner, her post-graduate training has included Systems Theory, Mediation, Intercultural Communication, Global Coaching Supervision Certification, Advanced Diploma in Deep Transformational Coaching, Coaching and Mentoring International, Immunity to Change and Six Sigma.

Marilyn is a Thomas Leonard Achievement Award recipient, given to coaches who exemplify the visionary perspective of Thomas Leonard, a major contributor to both the profession and industry of coaching and founder of the International Coach Federation.

Marilyn O'Hearne Photo

Marilyn O'Hearne

  • Globally-recognised Expert Coach, Mentor & Author

Panel Discussion: Cross Cultural Experiences: Lessons from EthicalCoach

Session length: 45 minutes

2019-06-11T13:00:00-04:00 Tuesday, June 11th 13:00 EDT

EthicalCoach is a bridge between world-class coaches and nonprofit organizations. The mission is to deliver resources and tools that build capacity within nonprofits, enabling them to increase their impact and serve more people in need.

In October 2018, EthicalCoach launched its inaugural project in Ethiopia, which paired international coaches from across the globe with local coaches in service of Ethiopian nonprofit leaders and their teams.

Our increasingly interconnected world and diverse workforce requires culturally confident coaches. Successful coaching frameworks, content, and methodologies are highly dependent on the context in which they occur. Working with leaders from a variety of cultural backgrounds and coaching leaders managing culturally diverse teams requires coaches to navigate a vast array of values, beliefs, assumptions and approaches.

During this panel session,  Cross Cultural Experiences: Lessons From Ethiopia and Beyond, international coaches Nobantu Mpotulo, Marilyn O'Hearne and Katherine Holt along with local coach Yonas Tegene will:

  • Explore cultural dexterity and cultural intelligence in coaching
  • Share experiences of co-facilitating team coaching across cultures
  • Look at strategies for ensuring we are adapting effectively across cultures

Key Learning Takeaways

  1. Understand the role culture plays in coaching.
  2. List potential strategies for adapting effectively across cultures.
  3. Awareness of your own values, beliefs, assumptions and approaches.