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Steadman Harrison

  • Leading Expert Facilitator, Executive Coach & Innovation Catalyst

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A global champion for the democratization of mission development, Steadman Harrison is an expert facilitator, executive coach, and curriculum designer with a successful track record in large-scale complex projects providing results that matter.

Steadman serves as an innovation catalyst, helping to design, deliver and test fresh sustainable models for human development that are inclusive, accessible and affordable.

He has supported interventions across all sectors, with a particular focus on government and non-government organizations. Steadman's experience as a senior faculty member and associate spans the globe. For over a decade, he has trained extensively across the continent of Africa, after establishing CCL’s Social Sector Innovation Hub headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

WBECS is incredibly proud to have Steadman as a member of the NGO Team based in Ethiopia for EthicalCoach – a project designed to bridge the gap between world-class coaches and non-profit organizations. EthicalCoach delivers resources and tools that build capacity within non-profits, enabling them to increase their impact and serve more people in need.

EthicalCoach was brought into being with the Ethiopian NGO Leadership Coaching Summit in October 2018. Steadman and a stellar cast of coaching visionaries – in partnership with WBECS – enabled initiatives supporting the efforts of NGOs serving some of Ethiopia’s most vulnerable populations.

Steadman is the Mission Director and Chief Executive Officer for Global Outreach International® (GOI®) - a mission development and sending organization dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel, doing good, and equipping the church. Global Outreach International was established in 1970 as the Agriculture Mission Foundation (AMF). The current 501c3 faith-based non-profit is working in 50 countries, with more than 300 missionaries. Short-term missions and U.S.-based churches support projects focused on Public Health, Education, Water/Sanitation/Hygiene, Agriculture, and Orphan Vulnerable Care.

Steadman Harrison is also CEO, Innovation Catalyst and Co-Founder of GoInnovation® - a research-based human development solutions enterprise empowering companies to achieve and maintain superior results. Their vision is to bring effective leadership development to everyone, everywhere. Working varying organizations, Steadman and his team accomplish their goals through individual and group coaching, face-to-face development experiences, assessments, training of trainers, and Leadership Clinics.

Go-Innovation® facilitators use leadership and adult learning research to help individuals and organizations thrive through change, becoming better versions of themselves through coaching, assessments, consulting, and face-to-face development. The company’s globally-tested custom solutions aid in setting and achieving better goals, improving team communication, assessing current needs and training first-time managers – all at a fraction of the cost.

Steadman spent 22 years with the Center for Creative Leadership. He founded their Ethiopia office in 2010. It was the subject of a Gates Foundation whitepaper. As part of the ‘Leadership Beyond Boundaries’ initiative, he and his team brought leadership development to over 500,000 people globally by 2015.

Steadman remains a senior associate with CCL, but he is now based in Tupelo, MS, and leads the growing GOInnovation® team. They apply Leadership Essentials - affordable, accessible, scalable, tested frameworks - to many leadership and human development needs for individuals, teams, organizations, and societies.

Steadman Harrison Photo

Steadman Harrison

  • Leading Expert Facilitator, Executive Coach & Innovation Catalyst

Coaching for Societal Impact: Coaching towards Democracy

Session length: 45 minutes

2019-06-17T17:00:00-04:00 Monday, June 17th 17:00 EDT

Have you ever wondered how your coaching practice can change the world?  Steadman Harrison is excited to share from his own emerging story of how coaching and leadership development can be used to impact society.  Join us to hear stories from Eastern African that began with a sabbatical in 2005. Since that time more than 500,000 people have been a part of a leadership development process breaking traditional mental models.

Human development includes the practice of coaching, and we believe it should be for everyone everywhere. Leadership Beyond Boundaries began as a movement to democratize leader development through inclusive practices that provide affordable, accessible, scalable solutions for all people.  From non-government organizations (NGOs) to government agencies and out into the private sector, this movement brings coaches and facilitators together with audiences who are hungry for development. Steadman joins the Pre-Summit from the North of Jordan near the Syrian border.

His family will move from Jordan on to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where they will spend another 5 years working in partnership with the European Union.  The adventure ahead is the capacity development in preparation for Ethiopia’s 2020 election. As part of our session together we will look at practical tools like Social Identity and the power of Interdependent Culture and the importance of understanding the FROM - HERE - TOWARDS of the coachee experience. Coach beyond boundaries. Think with us about coaching for societal impact. Coaching can yield democracy!

Key Learning Takeaways

  1. Learn how to map your own Social Identity as well as how to use this tool in your coaching practice.
  2. Understand the Cultures of Leadership at work in teams, organizations, and in society.
  3. Apply the practice of bringing clarity to the FROM - HERE - TOWARDS of the coachee experience.