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Tammy Turner

  • Certified Coaching Supervisor & Key-Note Speaker

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As a thought leader in the coaching industry, Tammy Turner, MCC, has extensive experience coaching teams and groups, from boards to C-Suite executives and their teams to intercultural project group enhancing their impact to the wider organisation. She has designed and delivered strategic business initiatives aligned with sustainable organizational change and has over 10,000 face-to-face hours.

Since 2001, Tammy has worked with industry and government decision makers and their teams around the world, helping them develop the skills they need to thrive in an environment where survival is not enough. Having mentored and supervised many hundreds of coaches, she works with them to engender and enhance the attributes required to make a measurable difference to organisations and their people.

Tammy is a Professional Coaching Supervisor, an ICF Coach Mentor, a key-note speaker, and has authored Team Coaching: Passing trend or organizational staple? The Practitioner's Handbook of Team Coaching. (Routledge, 2019); The blind spot of being of service to create a better future in Systemic Coaching - delivering value beyond the individual (Sage, 2019/2020); Peer Supervision in Coaching and Mentoring (Routledge, 2018); Coaching and Mentoring in the Asia Pacific (Routledge, 2017) and Coaching Supervision (Routledge, 2016).

Tammy leverages her previous executive background in ITC including IBM, Lexmark, Sybase and internet start-ups along with her nearly 20 years’ experience as an organisational coach. Tammy’s particular understanding of relational and commercial engagement lends itself to her approach to open up the entire leadership space: strategy, stakeholder engagement, and culture. With the teams who work for them, it is to remove blocks to learning and co-operation and to optimize the ability to plan, act and reflect.

Tammy has worked with over 100 organisations in diverse sectors such as the Australian Federal Government, Construction, Energy, FMCG, Finance, ITC, NGO/NFP’s, Professional Services, Transportation and Mining. She has designed and delivered strategic business initiatives aligned with individual and/or organisational change and has worked with boards of directors, ‘C-seat’ and front-line leaders, leaders as coaches and individual contributors.

She has been a Director of the International Coaching Federation’s Australasian Professional Standards team and is based in Sydney Australia. Originally from Colorado USA, Tammy is the CEO of Turner International www.turner.international and Founder of The Centre for Coaching Development and Supervision www.developingcoaching.com.au.

Tammy Turner Photo

Tammy Turner

  • Certified Coaching Supervisor & Key-Note Speaker

Team and Group Coaching - Passing Trend or Passing You By?

Session length: 90 minutes

2019-10-17T17:00:00-04:00 Thursday, October 17th 17:00 EDT

According to the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report, globalization, complexity, and disruption have perhaps contributed to an estimated 32% of organizations surveyed striving to be more adaptable and team-centric. As organizations flex within a complex global economy, trends such as remote working, profit for purpose and digital transformation generate intercultural project groups. These trends mean even the most experienced organisational coach will need to upskill to increase organisational capacity and engage their key stakeholders, well beyond the team in the room.

Yet are we as coaches prepared? And are organizations clear about what is required for team coaching to work sustainably to enhance their cultures? This session will dispel the myth that the progression from one-to-one coaching to team coaching is a linear progression. Instead, a shift in mindset and a revolution of thinking about organisational contexts is required. Real case studies will be examined to illustrate the complexity and nuances involved in working with teams and groups. Tips on how to work with these nuances will be provided.

You will learn how in the coaching space we have the tools and capabilities to guide organisations in achieving their future potential, but to do so we need to broaden our mindset to consider a whole of team approach to coaching. Tammy will show that when teams are given the opportunity to understand the wider team context and design their objectives accordingly, they become more engaged in the organisations’ greater purpose of delivering ideal outcomes, ultimately maximising organisational capacity in a complex global economy.

Key Learning Takeaways

  1. What is required for the organization and its coach to work together successfully throughout a group or team coaching engagement to increase organisational capacity.
  2. What is the mindset shift needed to transform from individual to team coaching -- broadening your mind to consider a whole of team coaching approach.
  3. How to develop as a coach to deliver team and group coaching in the Volative Uncertain Complex Ambiguous (VUCA) world.